THE WAY a society treats children and mothers indicates how corrupt its soul is

13 07 12 The TapThe Tap is an impressive blog that collates material from many sources. One of its unique characteristics are blog posts that do not get listed by Google!

Here is a comment regarding her story. Amazing how she keeps attracting not only a lot of positive support but also sexist and other negative remarks:

Try and meditate over this sentence..

“When a father consciously hurts a child, nobody wants to believe you and when they realize they were wrong, nobody will want to admit to it.”

I have encountered countless cases like Vicky Haigh’s. She is innocent. The various people who post on the internet condemning her only confirm that the UK today is a shithole of half-wits, cruel characters, corruption and ignorance. Everybody who knows 2 things about the UK justice and child protection system knows that the system routinely frames people to distract from its own misdeeds.

The recent antics Vicky Haigh had to endure only confirm further that the system turns against her because it fears her, as she is one of the very few who came out with her story and asked for help.

Sexual abuse of children by their father happens all the time, so why not in Britain? Deal with it. Deal with it that paedophiles can be fathers too, some of them even rent out their children to other paedophiles, some of them even film their children when they are tortured. Deal with it.

Oddly, Vicky Haigh’s little daughter is named Sapphire, after the very same useless child abuse investigation team at the police that screwed up her case and that now faces shut down.. due to corruption and incompetence. Continue reading

VICKY speaks @ House of Commons Meeting in January 2013

Mind the Gap – between Online and Mainstream Media. That was the title for the meeting, as awareness is clearly growing about

With the exception of Christopher Booker who writes regularly in The Telegraph, the mainstream media are still far too silent.

Hence we brought together John Ward as one of the most prolific and influential bloggers with Vicky, the only victim of the Family Courts who can be named thanks to John Hemming MP.

Since ‘child snatching’ is one of the ‘seven deadly syndromes and media cover-ups‘, we must do our best in the online world!…

Vicky Haigh is freed – despite telling her story to the press

After her ‘manifestly excessive’ sentence, a mother and ‘model prisoner’ is home again.

This latest article by Christopher Booker in The Telegraph does illustrate what we, as supporters and investigators of institutionalised child abuse, are up against:

Last month, I twice reported on the strange case of Vicky Haigh, a former racehorse trainer, who was appealing against her three-year prison sentence for breaching a “non-molestation order”, after she encountered her daughter by chance at a petrol station. This was by far the longest sentence ever given for breaching such an order, and she was given right to appeal by a High Court judge on the grounds that it was “manifestly excessive”.

A rather detailed account of Vicky’s experiences in the Daily Mail

This article in the Daily Mail is an excellent account of Vicky’s saga and drama.

It reveals that her appeal for sentencing has been reduced from three years to two years and three months. But also that she expects to be free by Christmas.

The battle around access to her daughter remains, while the daughter is bound to live in hell… But judges ‘know better’ about the interest of a child, don’t they!…

What do Vicky Haigh and the Musas have in common? Sir Nicholas Wall!

In the Telegraph, Christopher Booker described it on 3rd December 2011 as Behind a wall of secrecy, parents who lost their children are now in jail. Lord Justice Wall has personally taken over two curious and troubling cases. Sir Nicholas Wall used to be excellent regarding keeping families together, I am told. Why is he separating these children from their mothers???

Christopher Booker is talking about

  1. Vicky Haigh who was jailed for three years for supposedly violating a ‘non-molestation order’
  2. The Musas whose next court hearing will be on 28th December, after they were jailed on 28th November 2011 for supposedly
  • having abused their five children
  • having attempted to kill their sixth child
  • and for jumping bail.

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Please use “Email a Prisoner” for Vicky in New Hall as A 8294 CH

It is unbearable to have to accept a world of lies and fabricated allegations that are sold as ‘truth’ to and by the meainstream media.

It is equally unbearable to learn that and how ‘higher’ judges hide behind the judgements of ‘lower’ judges. They just don’t challenge or question in the interest of

  • truth
  • justice
  • fairness or respect.

They steamroll their decision through and protect their bretheren, for there is nobody (yet) who checks, who challenges or who might ‘judge the judges‘.

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