There is a lot of online support to stop child snatching in the UK – but clearly not enough yet for those who could (and should) make the requested changes:

  1. Internationally, Paedophiles’ rights? What about the rights of our children! is an online petition targeted at 10 Downing Street and published by C.H.R.I.S., the Children Have Rights in Society charity. It has been signed > 3,400 times and viewed > 10,000 times.
  2. The Secrecy of the Family Courts should be lifted NOW is also an online petition that has gathered nearly 600 signatures, over 7,800 views and most revealing comments.
  3. State Stealing Children – some 100 articles since 2006
  4. The Nordic Committee for Human Rights is referring to the Vicky Haigh Case with three articles by Christopher Booker in The Telegraph
  5. President Zuma of South Africa is supported by Nelson Mandela to boycott the Olympics 2012; once there are 2,000 signatures, he will ask other African countries to join him
  6. Nationally, John Hemming MP is virtually alone in his awareness of what’s going on and his willingness to make a difference
  7. However, other expressly supportive MPs are
  8. Those MPs who signed Early Day Motion 1704 about the Family Justice Review
  9. Since 10 July 2011, Matt O’Connor, the founder of Fathers 4 Justice is on hunger strike outside the Prime Minister’s home, requesting that he keeps his pre-election promises, as outlined in this Briefing Paper
  10. Mothers for Justice complement Fathers 4 Justice and Justice for Families
  11. A number of web sites expose Social Services:
  12. The Child Snatching by the State Conference took place in April 2010
  13. Then there are blogs fighting gagging orders and superinjunctions:
  14. And those who expose paedophiles
    • Labour 25 – about 25 convicted paedophiles who had positions with the Labour Party
    • C.H.R.I.S. – Children Have Rights in Society
  15. Key Articles in the Mainstream Press
  16. On Video: links on sidebar of

8 Responses to Support

  1. Jim Bailey says:

    Great Stuff – EAncourage from the Antipodes of New Zealand – Where we seem to by fighting similar issues in vain – Onward:)_Jim

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  3. Instead of complaining, the time has come for the Public to TAKE ACTION and to BOYCOTT the Family Courts, refusing to enter therein unless the secrecy racket is lifted! Nothing less will change a thing. They have been getting away with it when they shouldn’t have been allowed to – and we only have ourselves to blame.
    For a start:
    1. With the “private” aspect, it shields criminal activity and allows all manner of skulduggery
    2. It acts AGAINST the interests and welfare of the child! – ever the crux
    3. It PREVENTS a ‘fair hearing’ before the real stewards of children’s welfare (the Public)
    4. It coerces the parent to betray their own flesh and blood
    5. It renders the parent in contempt of Court
    6. It unreasonably steers them into acting unlawfully

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Mr and Mrs Musa and Children

    I am writing to enquire as to why you have not ensured contact has continued for the above family. It is obviously not because of the lack of payment (as you can see below, you have been paid substantial amounts).

    I also notice your site consists of ‘who matters’ to you. There appears to be the ommission of THE PARENTS matter to you. Why is this? THEY are the MOST IMPORTANT people in the childs/childrens lives and you have ommitted them? I notice you do not guarantee to protect the child if the child discloses abuse of any form to any of your workers / staff.


    We have learnt that when children come into care they may understand why it is that they can’t live with their mum and dad but struggle far more with the reason they may be separated from their siblings – so at Capstone Vision we work hard to keep them together, or in regular contact, whatever is most appropriate.
    Research also shows that when brothers and sisters are placed together they tend to recover more quickly and have a stronger sense of who they are. At Capstone Vision we therefore have developed a cohort of carers who have both the skills and the physical capacity to integrate sibling groups into their homes. Our largest sibling group is currently eight, and we have several of three and four children.

    Why have you not assured the Musa children keep in touch with eachother and their parents? As PER CHILDREN ACT 1989 and ‘Every Child Matters’?

    I look forward to hearing from you in the next 5 working days. Please also copy and forward your reply to all listed below: Thank you.

    Yours faithfully
    Kay Young
    B.A & B.Sc (Hons) OPEN

    CC: Mr and Mrs Musa
    Paul Randle Jolliffe – McKenkenzie friend / Advocate
    John Hemming MP – who has taken an interest in this case
    Rt. Hon. Grant Shapps MP – who I have kept informed with regard to this case since October/November 2010
    Christopher Booker – who has taken an interest in this case and has written many articles regarding the family’s plight.

    8000618821 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.44
    8000618841 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.44
    8000618861 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.16
    8000618881 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.16
    8000623621 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.16
    8000623721 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.16
    8000623781 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.16
    8000623841 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.16
    8000623842 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.16
    8000623861 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.16
    8000623901 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.16
    8000624586 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.16
    8000636741 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £3,100.16
    5201022936 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £2,657.28
    5201023005 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £2,657.28
    8000547621 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £1,492.16
    8000548301 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £1,492.16
    8000650322 CAPSTONE VISION FOSTER CARE LTD Children and Education £2,113.95

    Who matters to us
    The Child matters to us – so we
    •Match children with foster families most carefully, sensitive both to the culture and past history of the child and the skills and culture of the carer

    •Are proactive in ensuring the welfare of the child or young person, protecting them from all forms of abuse, and promoting their physical and emotional well-being

    •Always promote and respect the racial, cultural, religious and linguistic background of every child or young person, and consult where appropriate with the individual child on matters relating to them

    •Identify appropriate therapy if that is deemed to be in the interests of the child

    •Encourage and support family contacts and friendships where that is appropriate

    •Promote educational achievement and the development of skills for independence

    •Maintain a child-centred focus through the five key outcomes:
    •Be healthy
    •Stay safe
    •Enjoy and achieve
    •Make a positive contribution
    •Achieve economic well-being
    The carer matters to us – so we
    •Value and look after them

    •Work very hard to ensure carers are always in the communication loop and are consulted on all matters relating to them or their child(ren)

    •Provide clear guidelines about policies and procedures through training and the carers’ handbook

    •Provide a comprehensive training programme to cover all aspects of looking after children who have unmet emotional needs

    •Offer a high level of regular professional support to carers and their families

    •Ensure that each carer has access to the Emergency Duty Team by telephone 24/7
    •Provide a generous fostering allowance and associated financial grants.

    •Organise events such as fun days and theatre trips.
    The staff matter to us – so we
    •Recruit professionals of the highest calibre to ensure excellence throughout the team

    •Make sure our professionals are also friendly human beings with broader interests which we encourage and celebrate

    •Keep workloads to a reasonable level

    •Provide lots of opportunities for consultation

    •Ensure a high level of support, supervision and training

  5. Anonymous says:


    Haringey in London is a place were children and mothers are killed by local authority.
    Human Right is being violated Article 8, family life violated.
    Article 6 right to a fair hearing violated
    Children been drugged to loss their memory,sexually assaulted and Abused by the local authority.
    A place were parent are being tortured ,Assaulted ,humiliated.
    A place were children and parents disappear to avoid evidence against Haringey
    .A place were children are put in care with false allegations.
    A place were parents human right is being Exploited.
    A place were drugs are being planted on parents
    A place were mother have being dead for not been allowed contact to see their children for 4years.
    A place were parents are not allowed to see their children.
    A place were siblings are not allowed to see each other
    .A place were family are being destroyed.
    A place were children are abuse to death by the local Authority.
    A place were the innocent parent are been convicted.
    A place were mother was sent to jail for fighting for the right of her son.
    A place were false allegation is being made against parents.
    A place were children are being stolen to meet adoption targets.
    A place were mothers are Tortured to death by local authority to wipe Evidence and keep children for life.
    A place were the police are being used to assault ,abuse and tortured parents.
    A place were expert and professional are been paid to write a false report and destroy innocent families.
    A place were crime against humanity is being committed by local authority.
    if you are a victim of Rosita Moise ,Maria Foster and Haringey please send your name , address and story to the address below.


    Mr Salim Mamdani Children were removed and put in care by haringey, His wife was Killed by Haringey , Salim is been gagged with an injuction.
    Why will haringey Killed Mrs Salim Mamdani and contact with his children has been stoped by haringey.

    You can contact Mr Salim Mamdami and find out for yourself.
    Mr Salim Tel no :07963521553!/profile.php?id=100001467015628&sk=wall

  6. Anonymous says:

    UK is the only country in the world were children are being advertised for sale in the whole world. This is a crime against humanity. These children got families, aunties, uncles, cousins, nephews and yet social services still advertise these children for sale instead of handing them over to their extended family members.

    The Guardians, medical experts, children’s solicitors, carers, contact supervisor, social workers and the foster agency are all working together to commit this crime against humanity.

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