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#VickyHaigh on the #RichieAllenShow and RT on #ForcedAdoption where Vicky makes a number of points that confirm the Systemic Pattern of Child Snatching and Forced Adoption in the UK: Parents are imprisoned for breaching gagging orders; Social Services are taking children at birth; Judges hand abused children to … Continue reading

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I have seen no bona fide proof that I have lied or coached my daughter, nor do I believe any exists.

“I have seen no bona fide proof that I have lied or coached my daughter, nor do I believe any exists, I would be very happy to be shown any. I am assisting Lord Wall by taking up the remedy … Continue reading

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The duty of a mother goes higher than any state interference and we just need to learn how to command our power back

This speech below was read out at a rally in Aberdeen on Sunday, 21 August 2011. Vicky has this in her diary, before she told the judges she would stop campaigning. So she felt obliged to carry out her agreement with … Continue reading

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If you are going through hell, KEEP GOING! (Winston Churchill)

Dear little Darling R I am receiving so many messages from people now who are really sad that you have been taken away from your mummy and I will be able to show you when you are given back.  The … Continue reading

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By reading your school logs it breaks my heart to read how distressed you are

Dear Darling I have done everything that I possibly can to get you back with mummy. We have to let the round world do what it does now. No one can stop the world turning. If I do not succeed … Continue reading

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We will send them postcards to their prison cells!

Dear Darling Guess what??? I love you so much and guess what??? I am getting you back very soon. You will have your mummy back very soon. It is so exciting as thousands of people are behind you darling and … Continue reading

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If you work for love, you love to work. I am now working for love, my love for you!

Dear Darling Did you see last year after they took you from me how they then forced you to spend time with your dad, going to parks, walks, bowling and to your nanna’s? They made it really nice and enjoyable, … Continue reading

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