What do Vicky Haigh and the Musas have in common? Sir Nicholas Wall!

In the Telegraph, Christopher Booker described it on 3rd December 2011 as Behind a wall of secrecy, parents who lost their children are now in jail. Lord Justice Wall has personally taken over two curious and troubling cases. Sir Nicholas Wall used to be excellent regarding keeping families together, I am told. Why is he separating these children from their mothers???

Christopher Booker is talking about

  1. Vicky Haigh who was jailed for three years for supposedly violating a ‘non-molestation order’
  2. The Musas whose next court hearing will be on 28th December, after they were jailed on 28th November 2011 for supposedly
  • having abused their five children
  • having attempted to kill their sixth child
  • and for jumping bail.

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Please use “Email a Prisoner” for Vicky in New Hall as A 8294 CH

It is unbearable to have to accept a world of lies and fabricated allegations that are sold as ‘truth’ to and by the meainstream media.

It is equally unbearable to learn that and how ‘higher’ judges hide behind the judgements of ‘lower’ judges. They just don’t challenge or question in the interest of

  • truth
  • justice
  • fairness or respect.

They steamroll their decision through and protect their bretheren, for there is nobody (yet) who checks, who challenges or who might ‘judge the judges‘.

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Welcome to the Sex Offender Issues Blog

Thanks to Google magic I stumbled into this blog about Sex Offender Issues.

Just thought I’d put it here, for I haven’t renewed this blog for a long time.


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There’s more to this site than commenting. Hence I’m making it “invisible”.

I have decided to set the visibility of this site to “private” – for many reasons that are not worth spelling out.

I am sorry to take the fun away from those who have enjoyed commenting and hope that you will find another webspace for your contributions.

Instead of spending so much time on my “social life with meaning”,  I shall concentrate on my “professional life with zest“.

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(Sunday 23rd October 2011) – Part of a 2 day event on 22/23 October 2011

Conference – Kings Hall – Glebe Street – Stoke On Trent

This is not a conference to discuss ‘issues’ and ‘concerns’ with children and to set out a way to ‘help reform the system’ as some MPs suggest.

This is a conference to expose and bring to trial those helping the State to Steal and Abuse Children. We will name Names, Departments, Authorities, Organisations, Judges, MPs, Police, Psychiatrists and more. With help of those attending, we will expose the real evidence for:


Have you experienced any of the following:

Children taken under false pretences ?

Bullying by Children’s Services, Cafcass, Local Authority ?

False verbal and documentary evidence in Court ?

Collusion behind your back by your Legal Team with the Local Authority legal team ?

MPs ignoring you and your plight ?

Child(ren) being abused in the ‘care’ of Children’s Services ?

Mental breakdown because of the attack on your family ?

Do you hold information and evidence concerning:

State trafficking of children ?

Falsifying of Family Court Documents ?

Children disappearing into the care system ?

Police deliberately blocking investigations into child abuse rings ?

Misinformation by the BBC and mainstream media ?

False help and support groups, charities and people ?

We need you and your evidence. We need you in numbers, because the State hides the evidence by isolating victims or controlling the support to whom you turn. By making out that only a few isolated families are affected the State can control national media to hide the truth.

Have you attended meetings in Westminster that ‘pat you on the head’ and achieve nothing ? – then you need to attend and be an active participant in Blowing the Whistle – Child Stealing by the State.

Please provide a 2 page summary of the basic facts of your case and indicate evidence that you hold. We will provide a pro-forma to help you do this. Active participants will be asked to provide evidence for use at the conference. Real evidence is vital to stopping the unlawful abuse of families and children.

PLEASE CONTACT THE UK COLUMN – TEL: 01752 478050 – EMAIL: childstealingbythestate@ukcolumn.org

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We are not alone: Cranmer states that our children are first and foremost a state acquisition…

Archbishop Cranmer is the ‘persona’ of this fascinating blogger who tries to bridge religion and politics.

In our children are not the property of the state it’s not clear what may have triggered his attention to the issue, but he does to know about it.

Bloggers Unite! For the mainstream media clearly paint very different pictures and are demonstrably used as a voice of those who abuse their positions and power.

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Stop Social Workers removing Innocent children for Forced Adoption

This is the title of a petition created by Rozel Reilly on 18 August 2011. Hosted by e-petition, it will be noted by Government possibly more easily than when I use GoPetition for collecting signatures.

However, I still think that the most effective use of a petition is the analysis of its comments. They make really good reading and, hopefully, impress the recipients more than just the number of signatures being collected.

Check Online Petitions and their Remarkable Comments.

And do note

  1. The Secrecy in Family Courts should be lifted NOW – started in the streets of Wales
  2. Abolish the Ban on Recording Court Proceedings – started by Heather Brooke, a former barrister and other journalists last year.
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