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VICKY speaks @ House of Commons Meeting in January 2013

Mind the Gap – between Online and Mainstream Media. That was the title for the meeting, as awareness is clearly growing about child snatching as a ‘social disease’ and ‘national disgrace’ links to sexual abuse and paedophilia, as demonstrated by … Continue reading

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The duty of a mother goes higher than any state interference and we just need to learn how to command our power back

This speech below was read out at a rally in Aberdeen on Sunday, 21 August 2011. Vicky has this in her diary, before she told the judges she would stop campaigning. So she felt obliged to carry out her agreement with … Continue reading

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Father fined £1,000 and found guilty of harassment for warning families about a paedophile

Once again, you don’t believe it until it happens to you! Read the story in today’s Daily Mail and wake up to the sad, sad realities of courts colluding with paedophiles… As a German with half Slavic blood / passion … Continue reading

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Ken Clarke…the paedophiles’ pal

Now that’s a real coincidence:Ken Clarke…the paedophiles’ pal Just as I got round to putting some English summaries together about that German lawyer who is warning of a ‘false flag attack’ by foreign secret services next Saturday, 26 June 2011, … Continue reading

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Different children, same cruelty: Social Services without heart, empathy or compassion

David Icke has been publishing articles about the State Stealing Children since 2006. According to this video where he addresses the rally Against Child Abuse in June 2011, Social Services are headhunting certain character types: no heart, no empathy, no … Continue reading

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Angela Wileman & Sons flee Social Services, finding Sanctuary in Ireland

Here’s the Daily Mail article of 16th August 2009: This mother went on the run across Europe after social workers tried to snatch her son. Her crime? Letting him see her husband shout at her… The video about her story … Continue reading

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When adoption breaks down: from abuse and separation to foster care and adoption…

One assault after another on the emotional life of a child: sexual abuse, separation from birth parents, foster care and forced adoption – [note Labour’s adotption targets to be scrapped] before adoptions break down, as in 20% of estimated cases… … Continue reading

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