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#VickyHaigh on the #RichieAllenShow and RT on #ForcedAdoption where Vicky makes a number of points that confirm the Systemic Pattern of Child Snatching and Forced Adoption in the UK: Parents are imprisoned for breaching gagging orders; Social Services are taking children at birth; Judges hand abused children to … Continue reading

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Anonymous UK are taking on child snatching

There is an interesting collection of points, supposedly made by John Hemming on this post by Anonymous. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reveal the source and the link to his article in the Huffington Post doesn’t work. Here it is: Vicky Haigh Case Raises … Continue reading

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Stop Social Workers removing Innocent children for Forced Adoption

This is the title of a petition created by Rozel Reilly on 18 August 2011. Hosted by e-petition, it will be noted by Government possibly more easily than when I use GoPetition for collecting signatures. However, I still think that … Continue reading

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I have seen no bona fide proof that I have lied or coached my daughter, nor do I believe any exists.

“I have seen no bona fide proof that I have lied or coached my daughter, nor do I believe any exists, I would be very happy to be shown any. I am assisting Lord Wall by taking up the remedy … Continue reading

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Whether it’s good press or bad press, do not believe it. PR Guru Max Clifford.

This quote is the only way to make sense of the articles that have appeared about Vicky and even the subsequent comments about John Hemming MP removing the gag about her. It is still remarkable that and how The untold … Continue reading

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Doncaster Council was told ‘children will die’ – Newsnight programme of 5 March 2009

The subtitle to this video of BBC Newsnight on 5 March 2009 says: Matt Prodger reports on how Council bosses in Doncaster were warned four years ago that their actions were putting children’s lives at risk. Three of seven child deaths … Continue reading

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The duty of a mother goes higher than any state interference and we just need to learn how to command our power back

This speech below was read out at a rally in Aberdeen on Sunday, 21 August 2011. Vicky has this in her diary, before she told the judges she would stop campaigning. So she felt obliged to carry out her agreement with … Continue reading

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