What do Vicky Haigh and the Musas have in common? Sir Nicholas Wall!

In the Telegraph, Christopher Booker described it on 3rd December 2011 as Behind a wall of secrecy, parents who lost their children are now in jail. Lord Justice Wall has personally taken over two curious and troubling cases. Sir Nicholas Wall used to be excellent regarding keeping families together, I am told. Why is he separating these children from their mothers???

Christopher Booker is talking about

  1. Vicky Haigh who was jailed for three years for supposedly violating a ‘non-molestation order’
  2. The Musas whose next court hearing will be on 28th December, after they were jailed on 28th November 2011 for supposedly
  • having abused their five children
  • having attempted to kill their sixth child
  • and for jumping bail.

They were refused bail on two occasions, because the allegations are “too serious”.

How significant is it that the President of the Family Courts has taken on these two high profile cases?

First, please remember The untold story of gagging orders, published by The Independent in May 2011:

  • 69 gags relate to celebrities
  • 264 gags refer to children and young adults.

This bias was NOT presented by the mainstream media, when superinjunctions were topical.

Secondly, please note that I am a mathematician and systems analyst and thus only interested in logic, not opinions or interpretations. And I ‘follow my bliss’, i.e. do things because they are meaningful for me in a quiet village in Brandenburg.  I use my freedom to publish to delete and blacklist negative comments by negative commentators.

Vicky Haigh’s case is characterised by

  • her allegation of her daughter’s father having abused the child for years
  • two police videos and other evidence being ignored by all parties involved: police, social services, solicitors and judges
  • Sir Nicholas Wall publishing a press statement two weeks before his judgement which leads to publicly accusing the mother rather than the father
  • John Hemming MP having removed the gag so that she and Doncaster Council could be named, despite the secrecy of family courts
  • she and her supporters having been ‘gagged’ from publicising anything – supposedly to protect the identity of the child
  • Doncaster Council having a bad reputation regarding “child protection”.

The Musas’ case is characterised by

  • being acknowledged as the most evil and corrupt of all child snatching case.

Using Email a Prisoner, you can write to

  • Vicky in New Hall as A 8294 CH
  • Gloria Musa in Holloway as A 2767 CJ
  • Joseph Musa in Pentonville as A 2793 CJ

Maurice Kirk who helped the Musas can only be reached by snail mail in HMP Cardiff.

Vicky writes in her first letter from prison:

I received a 3-year sentence for bumping into R in a petrol station in March which was the same day as the Parliamentary meeting which the Council also tried to put me in prison for. The system is putting away people who are threatening them, as it is slowly being exposed.


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