First of all, here are Vicky’s daughter’s words, taken from the transcripts of one of two Police videos that have been ignored – by Doncaster Police as well as “Social” Services of Doncaster Council:

“….I had no clothes on, and he got me to lay on the bed”
“…..I laid on the bed and then he put the rattle under my bottom”
When asked by the Social Worker “why did you go up to your bedroom?”
“….because daddy told me to”
“…I didn’t know that he was going to put the rattle under my bottom”
“….my bottom was hurting but I didn’t scream because I had to be brave”
“…daddy was wearing his shorts and his top. His shorts were green…”(and described his clothes)
“….the covers were under me”
“….he put the rattle under my front bottom”
“….daddy was saying nothing, he was kneeling on his knees”
“….there was a red mark (pointing to her vagina)”
“….it just hurt because it was like – hard – and he just put it under my bottom”
“…..he then told me to go back downstairs again and put the clothes on”
“….I had got to be brave and didn’t want to scream or anything and just lay there”
“…..my legs were split because daddy told me to”
“….I had to tell the teacher because my bottom was really really hurting”.

Medical and school reports are further evidence of actual abuse.

But, instead, Vicky has been criminalised, put in jail whilst eight months pregnant, and the daughter was given to her paedophile father. More on Twitter which has been viewed more than 40,000 times.

Secondly, this is a record for Vicky’s daughter to see how much her mum has done for her.

Thirdly, I am doing this as an Advocate of the Rule of Law in the Public Interest, for there are obviously not enough ‘web voices’ for children, mothers, fathers and other victims of white collar and other crimes yet. Here’s my LinkedIn profile.
Girls with PonyThis is a photo of the abused girl with her pony and sisters, daughters of her new partner since six years.

Due to a higly questionable, if not illegitimate ‘Reporting Restriction Order’ by Doncaster Council against Vicky Haigh and myself as “Third Defendant” or “The Media”, I can only publish information giving false names and photos that don’t allow the identification of the victim.

However, John Hemming MP lifted the gag when the Council tried to commit Vicky to prison. Since then, Vicky Haigh and Doncaster Council can be named!

My Daddy is a Paedophile is a ‘sanitized’ chronology of the case.

The adjourned hearing took place on May 9th where I attended as McKenzie Friend for Vicky. But I was not given ‘right of audience’ on behalf of Vicky who could not be there, as she had fled to Ireland and was due to give birth within days.

It was an appalling experience and resulted in a ‘renewed gag’.

This ‘gag’ is based on an unsigned ‘reporting restriction order’ that

  • is dated 14 January 2011
  • refers to a hearing on 25 February 2011
  • and has a stamp of Birmingham High Court of 26 February which is a Saturday.

Do I want to fight for the principle of what he calls “minor technical details”?

When I tried to speak to the Child’s solicitor and her ‘guardian’, they were as rude and impolite as possible, threatening with security!

Here are our tasks:

  1. To get the now seven-year old ‘Sylvia’ who’s been abused since she was three back to her home with mum and siblings
  2. At least allow for contact with her mummy whom she has not seen since November 2009!!!
  3. To appeal the “care order” that prevents Sylvia from seeing her mother while she is in the ‘care’ of her father
  4. Appeal to the father to STOP abusing his daughter and return her to where she belongs, since his addresses are published on Twitter
  5. Make sure that another Council doesn’t put their hands on what used to be “Unborn Haigh”, now “Sapphire”.

32 Responses to About

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  5. Richard Colborne says:

    Dear Vicky,
    Good to see and hear you speaking (on YouTube) at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse. I’ve been following your case for months and praying for a good outcome: the only good one possible.
    With kind regards,
    Richard Colborne

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how anyone with half a brain could believe this drivel, someone wants to get their facts straight…..

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  9. karl goult says:

    Vicky i never knew any of this was happening until a friend in racing told me. I doubt you will remember me but i worked for you at wiseton. I hope that you are reunited soon. it is so sad reading some of these letters. From what i saw when i worked with you, you were a fine doting mother.


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  13. Anonymous says:

    UK is the only country in the world were children are being advertised for sale in the whole world, This is a crime against humanity. These children got families, anties, uncles, cousins, nephews and yet social services still advertise these children for sale instead handing them over to their extended family members.

    The Guardians, medical experts, children’s solicitors, carers, contact supervisor, social wokers and the foster agency are all working together to commit this crime against humanity.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Social Engineering On A Grand Scale

    I’ve been involved in a friend’s legal case and its a very messed-up situation. Essentially, anyone can make a malicious allegation about child cruelty and it initiates a huge infrastructure of highly-paid… “professionals” who put self-interest first. The legal bill in the UK for the “protection” o…f 60,000 children is astronomical. Cases take between 49 and 78 weeks to conclude and are rarely cut short. All UK family law cases are held in secrecy and this attracts the least competent of the legal profession. Barristers with decades of experience, earning 200-500 pound per hour don’t know the law. But that doesn’t matter because perjury is commonplace. Cases often cost 0.5 million pound and the results are dismal. From http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new​s/article-405578/60-000-childr​en-care-betrayed-fail-school.h​tml :-

    o A quarter of girls in care have been pregnant by the time they leave and half are single mothers within two years.
    o Half of all prisoners under the age of 25 have been through the care system.
    o A third of the homeless are people who were brought up in state care.
    o Only 60 out of 6,000 young people leaving care each year goes to university.

    But it would be cheaper to cancel the court cases and send these kids to top private schools and also give them personal mentors and intensive psychotherapy. The cost of sending a boy to Eton College over a period of five years is only 168,575 pound. Instead, before any allegations are substantiated to civil standard (“balance of probability”), children are taken forcefully, often from aspiring families are given to chavvy foster parents who are given 360-437 pound per child per week excluding expenses. Publicising your case is Contempt Of Court, a criminal matter which sees 200 parents per year imprisoned.

    I knew that UK laws were draconian but I didn’t know how bad they were until I investigated for a friend. I discovered that any spurious allegation can be investigated, any evidence can be gathered and in the case of the Police And Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Section 18, the Children Act 1989 Section 37(3)(a) and the Mental Health Act 1983 Section 2, a reason only needs to be provided for ceasing to interfere with a person’s liberty. There are safeguards but there are also emergency provisions which circumvent all safeguards. There are time limits but those are irrelevant if courts are overwhelmed with cases. The Mental Health Act also allows medics (not only qualified doctors) to backdate notes with complete immunity.

    There’s an economic recession but there’s no shortage of government funded adverts for fostering and adoption. High streets in controversial London Borough Of Haringey were recently plastered in adverts for adoption (“It’s never been easier”), till receipts from my local supermarket have adverts for foster care agencies and The London Borough Of Brent has been advertising on buses. Why does this happen? Adoption targets and bonuses are assigned to local government but legal costs are assigned to central government. If a local government department doesn’t meet targets then budget cuts are imposed and people lose their jobs. So, local government is very motivated to meet targets – even if it involves heavy advertising or free loft conversions worth 30,000 pound – so that people can take more kids.

    2% of parents get their kids back and most of the “winners” pay extensive legal fees. The remainder may receive a lifetime injunction and see their children adopted abroad without their permission. The UK is one of the few countries in the world where forced adoption by the state is legal. However, it is a lucrative trade where healthy, well-adjusted children obtain up to 120,000 pound in “fees”. Officially, adoption quotas have been abandoned but they have only been replaced with adoption targets and I’ve seen evidence that they were running as recently as Tue 11 Jan 2011.

    Essentially, child “protection” is a very big game where you *might* get children returned if you pay enough to the legal profession. The most worrying part is that no-one’s impartial. There’s supposedly checks and balances of Independant Reviews, Children’s Guardians and child charities. However, there’s one dirty little secret. They all work together and they’re all staffed with qualified Social Workers. If you telephone the NSPCC, Barnado’s, ChildLine or Voice then you’ll speak to a qualified Social Worker who forwards details to your legal opposition. Some of the telephone operators will initially deny that they’re qualified Social Workers but you can check their registration ( http://www.gscc.org.uk/registe​rSearch.php ) during any telephone call. This website happens to be run by the Social Workers’ official organisation where, like doctors, registration is mandatory and there is a strict Code Of Conduct, which is taken seriously.

    So, I was asked to collate a list of Social Workers in London. However, that’s a vague task when poor data quality is involved. The easiest solution was to scrape the entire dataset. From this, I discovered that the UK has 94,211 registered Social Workers and 16,194 registered students. Next, I was asked if I could collate it with any other public dataset, such as the leaked British National Party list of members. Although the veracity of this list cannot be determined, the intersection is not null. For example, Mr Freddy Longmuir, 30 Old Mill Lane, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2LB, UK, +44 (0)7974 334624, hullfreddy@aol.com, is 50, a company director, has a Bachelors Degree in Politics, a Masters Degree in Social Work, registered as Social Worker E/1021782 in Barnsley on Fri 24 Apr 2008 and was named as a paid member of the British National Party in Nov 2008. You can check all of these details yourself because they’re all in the public domain.See More

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  18. Anon says:

    You say above:
    “Due to a higly questionable, if not illegitimate ‘Reporting Restriction Order’ by Doncaster Council against Vicky Haigh, Elizabeth Watson and myself as “Third Defendant” or “The Media”, I can only publish information giving false names and photos that don’t allow the identification of the victim.

    However, John Hemming MP lifted the gag when the Council tried to commit Vicky to prison. Since then, Vicky Haigh and Doncaster Council can be named!”

    This desn’t make sense!!

    Why has Liz Watson just been sent to prison for 9 months for doing nothing wrong, after John Hemming has supposedly lifted the gang?

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  23. annie says:

    If the police have provided transcripts, what is headed at top of the transcript? Does it say full transcript or brief summary transcript of the 2 videos?

    Secondly, I am struck you’ve published what you allege to be the child’s words.

    If the child did say this and it is true, it is shocking beyond comprehension why you are breaching her human right Article 8, the right to lead a private life by publishing such lurid details of her alleged life without her consent.

    If VH has consented to this publication whether true or not, shame on her for not protecting the best interests of her daughter. What you are doing is grotesquely wrong and I would hope a Judge has this site shut down for publishing this alleged “transcript”.

    If the police transcript exists, and the child’s abuse is real, then clearly this belongs in the domain of the Courts and the legal team that neither VH nor you will disclose the reason why she refuses to have a legal team represent her.

    You are not thinking of the child by publishing this information, you are point scoring against the most recent findings on this case.

    If VH has any ounce of dignity, integrity, grace and sense, she would stop providing you with any further information, and choose a reputable law firm who in turn will appoint an experienced family law barrister.

    If on the other hand VH continues to make disclosure of Court details on this site, she certainly in my eyes has no credibility appearing intent on destroying her relationship with her daughter, blackening the name of the father and destroying herself.

    Bow out gracefully now VH, and regroup if you believe you never coached your daughter. Get yourself armed and dangerous with an experienced family law legal team and do this in private.

    If I see more lurid details of this case eg court documents, police transcripts etcpublished on this site this will convince me the Judge’s findings are indeed correct.

    • Don’t you think the father deserves his name blackened if he has committed abuse? Don’t you think it’s more important the truth is out there to shine a light on what the little girl has suffered to try to prevent it continuing, than to allow it to carry on? Do you believe there are never cover-ups by those in power?

  24. Anon says:

    Does anyone have any news of how Liz Watson is faring?

    She seems to have been forgotten in all this.

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