#VickyHaigh on the #RichieAllenShow and RT on #ForcedAdoption

http://richieallenshow.com/vicky-haigh/ where Vicky makes a number of points that confirm the Systemic Pattern of Child Snatching and Forced Adoption in the UK:

  1. Parents are imprisoned for breaching gagging orders;
  2. Social Services are taking children at birth;
  3. Judges hand abused children to the abusive father;
  4. Children are NOT being listened to;
  5. Mothers are not listened to;
  6. Sexual Abuse should NOT be handled by SECRET family courts, as it is a CRIME.

All in all: a systematic violation of the UN convention of Child Rights and the EU convention of Human Rights.

Vicky has not seen her daughter since March 2011!

I’m in touch with German mothers who lost their children to British abusive fathers! What can they do???

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WHY IAN JOSEPHS advises mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers: you lose your children!

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

Ian Josephs is the veteran of all McKenzie Friends, as he has observed an estimated 50,000 cases in over 50 years.

From another one of our super-committed McKenzie Friends:

Hampstead & Highgate Child Abuse Happening Now

The most harrowing case I have been made aware of recently is now heading to the Royal Courts of Justice. It involves a girl 9 and a boy 8, who, while in the care of their mother, (the father having contact every 2 weeks), told their mother that they (and other children) were being sexually abused in their school by their father and many other members of both the school and people in the vicinity, daily. Children who found the abuse painful were injected with drugs by a member of the school staff. Both stories taken by the children separately had the same facts and they came across as very credible witnesses. Video evidence…

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Children Screaming to be Heard Conference lifts lid on secret injustices of the UK’s family courts

Conference will lift lid on secret injustices of the UK’s family courts

–          Children Screaming to be Heard conference will take place in London on Friday 25th July

–          Vicky Haigh, former racehorse trainer, who was jailed on spurious charges and separated from her daughter, will address the conference and speak from personal experience

Vicky Haigh could not believe it was possible until it happened to her. She is not a criminal, just a normal mother who tried to protect her daughter from an abusive ex-husband, and who found herself jailed and separated from their child as a result.

The seemingly incredible series of events unfolded after Ms Haigh was sentenced to three years in prison, in 2011, for breach of a ‘non-molestation order’ relating to her daughter. Her only offence had been to run into the girl at a petrol station after her ex-husband was awarded custody.

To her surprise, the Family Division published a very hostile verdict of three years in prison on the non-molestation charge, the longest ever sentence received for breach of a NMO order in history, but Vicky was allowed to return home on probation after serving ten months as a model prisoner.

On Friday 25 July, she will address the Children Screaming to be Heard conference and question the government’s role in allowing the family courts to steal children away from their parents for no good reason. Continue reading

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VICKY speaks @ House of Commons Meeting in January 2013

Mind the Gap – between Online and Mainstream Media. That was the title for the meeting, as awareness is clearly growing about

With the exception of Christopher Booker who writes regularly in The Telegraph, the mainstream media are still far too silent.

Hence we brought together John Ward as one of the most prolific and influential bloggers with Vicky, the only victim of the Family Courts who can be named thanks to John Hemming MP.

Since ‘child snatching’ is one of the ‘seven deadly syndromes and media cover-ups‘, we must do our best in the online world!…

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Vicky Haigh is freed – despite telling her story to the press

After her ‘manifestly excessive’ sentence, a mother and ‘model prisoner’ is home again.

This latest article by Christopher Booker in The Telegraph does illustrate what we, as supporters and investigators of institutionalised child abuse, are up against:

Last month, I twice reported on the strange case of Vicky Haigh, a former racehorse trainer, who was appealing against her three-year prison sentence for breaching a “non-molestation order”, after she encountered her daughter by chance at a petrol station. This was by far the longest sentence ever given for breaching such an order, and she was given right to appeal by a High Court judge on the grounds that it was “manifestly excessive”.

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Anonymous UK are taking on child snatching

There is an interesting collection of points, supposedly made by John Hemming on this post by Anonymous.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t reveal the source and the link to his article in the Huffington Post doesn’t work. Here it is: Vicky Haigh Case Raises Important Issues.

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A rather detailed account of Vicky’s experiences in the Daily Mail

This article in the Daily Mail is an excellent account of Vicky’s saga and drama.

It reveals that her appeal for sentencing has been reduced from three years to two years and three months. But also that she expects to be free by Christmas.

The battle around access to her daughter remains, while the daughter is bound to live in hell… But judges ‘know better’ about the interest of a child, don’t they!…

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