Children Screaming to be Heard Conference lifts lid on secret injustices of the UK’s family courts

Conference will lift lid on secret injustices of the UK’s family courts

–          Children Screaming to be Heard conference will take place in London on Friday 25th July

–          Vicky Haigh, former racehorse trainer, who was jailed on spurious charges and separated from her daughter, will address the conference and speak from personal experience

Vicky Haigh could not believe it was possible until it happened to her. She is not a criminal, just a normal mother who tried to protect her daughter from an abusive ex-husband, and who found herself jailed and separated from their child as a result.

The seemingly incredible series of events unfolded after Ms Haigh was sentenced to three years in prison, in 2011, for breach of a ‘non-molestation order’ relating to her daughter. Her only offence had been to run into the girl at a petrol station after her ex-husband was awarded custody.

To her surprise, the Family Division published a very hostile verdict of three years in prison on the non-molestation charge, the longest ever sentence received for breach of a NMO order in history, but Vicky was allowed to return home on probation after serving ten months as a model prisoner.

On Friday 25 July, she will address the Children Screaming to be Heard conference and question the government’s role in allowing the family courts to steal children away from their parents for no good reason.

Vicky says:

“I am a mother of 2 young, beautiful daughters. Yet after the family courts stole my first daughter in cold blood from me, I investigated the big picture. At first I thought the government would soon step in and overturn the incredible and illogical injustice but what actually happened was the opposite. It was me they put injunctions on, it was me they bullied and blackmailed and it was me they put in prison.”

Vicky supported her daughter, who gave two police interviews describing in detail how her father sexually abused her but the court decided, based on no evidence, that Vicky coached her daughter and emotionally abused her.

“Illogical as it may sound, the UK Government seems to have an allegiance with child sex abusers and not the protective parent. Children are not protected from familial abuse in the UK by those in authority” says Vicky.

“Our government is not interested in our cries for help. How can it be that I have not been allowed to see or contact my own child for almost 4 years? Can anyone imagine what this must feel like for a mother and her child? This is happening to many others in the UK today and there is a pattern emerging.

“I was told by a barrister, after she lost my case, that “This is the system, what are you going to do about it, start a revolution?” I was being told the system worked on a basis that, if you report abuse of your child, your child could be taken into care or given to the alleged abuser. You will be accused of coaching the child therefore emotionally abusing the child and that is it, no logic and certainly no child protection.”

Vicky will today ask who is actually protecting the children involved given the state and the legal profession’s attitude in her case, and that of many other mothers who she has spoken to.

She will call on Sir James Munby, President of the Family Court, to remove all reporting restrictions and injunctions placed on innocent mothers (plus some fathers) and the press in the courts to let the public see exactly what is happening behind closed doors. This would allow mothers to speak out and protect their children.”


Vicky is adamant

“We have to change this system today; we cannot let this carry on into the next generation where our children will live in fear of having their children taken by a corrupt and inhumane government.”


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