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#VickyHaigh on the #RichieAllenShow and RT on #ForcedAdoption

http://richieallenshow.com/vicky-haigh/ where Vicky makes a number of points that confirm the Systemic Pattern of Child Snatching and Forced Adoption in the UK: Parents are imprisoned for breaching gagging orders; Social Services are taking children at birth; Judges hand abused children to … Continue reading

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There are some children who do need to be in care and there are many who should not be

Parents Rights Blog is one of the many attempts to expose what’s going on and to highlight the corruption that aids and abets rather than improves the state of affairs. Innocence Destroyed is the title of the video about the … Continue reading

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Super-injunctions, Twitter and Gagging the Press (and bloggers)

One has to ask what’s the big difference between a journalist being paid to write for The Mainstream Press and bloggers writing because it pleases them. This question arises particularly when I read here: Most recently, there was a piece in … Continue reading

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Independent: “Hundreds of anonymity orders” protecting child abuse and other crimes

At long last, the WHOLE picture of those injunction orders is being portrayed. It may not be complete, but it does give you a good idea that judges make law beyond Parliament judges sanction what Social Services are doing wrongly … Continue reading

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Media freedoms in the balance: what is in the public interest and what is of prurient interest to the public

From the Independent Media freedoms in the balance Cabinet to consider legislation including privacy law and regulation of social media The desire of MPs and newspapers to avoid statutory regulation of the media has created a vacuum which courts have … Continue reading

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Martine Mccutcheon Leads Campaign Against Child Trafficking

British actress Martine Mccutcheon is leading a campaign to crack down on child trafficking in the U.K. The Love Actually star headed to Downing Street in London on Thursday (12May11) to deliver a petition to British Prime Minister David Cameron … Continue reading

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