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Vicky Haigh is freed – despite telling her story to the press

After her ‘manifestly excessive’ sentence, a mother and ‘model prisoner’ is home again. This latest article by Christopher Booker in The Telegraph does illustrate what we, as supporters and investigators of institutionalised child abuse, are up against: Last month, I … Continue reading

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Doncaster Council was told ‘children will die’ – Newsnight programme of 5 March 2009

The subtitle to this video of BBC Newsnight on 5 March 2009 says: Matt Prodger reports on how Council bosses in Doncaster were warned four years ago that their actions were putting children’s lives at risk. Three of seven child deaths … Continue reading

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‘Child protection’ tears mother and son apart after 14 years

English social workers pursue yet another mother who had taken refuge in Ireland with her child. Thank heaven for Christopher Booker! Here he reports another drama caused by English social workers. Who took the hearts and conscience out of these … Continue reading

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When is this horrible national scandal going to get the wider attention it deserves?

‘Child protection’ wreaks havoc on a loving family once again – How a mother who fled to Ireland to save her baby was caught on her return. You can’t make them up, these stories. They are too awful to be … Continue reading

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