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WHY IAN JOSEPHS advises mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers: you lose your children!

Originally posted on Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy:
Ian Josephs is the veteran of all McKenzie Friends, as he has observed an estimated 50,000 cases in over 50 years. From another one of our super-committed McKenzie Friends: Hampstead & Highgate Child…

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There’s more to this site than commenting. Hence I’m making it “invisible”.

I have decided to set the visibility of this site to “private” – for many reasons that are not worth spelling out. I am sorry to take the fun away from those who have enjoyed commenting and hope that you … Continue reading

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Challenged by Walsall Council in the High Court

Here we seem to have another “shady shadow court game” going on: Social Services “playing court” by using forms that look official and even stamps that look official, BUT there are no records in the court! Having seen this in … Continue reading

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Conspiracy of Silence – an Unaired Discovery Channel Documentary on Paedophilia

This one hour video was commissioned by Discovery Channel to be aired by Yorkshire TV in 1994. But just before airing, Discovery withdrew their support and Yorkshire TV was reimbursed for their production costs. It’s about a vast operation providing … Continue reading

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Vicky sacks the “guardian” of her daughter; we need “McKenzie Angels” as “Public Guardian Angels”

McKenzie Angels are meant to be supporters in the public galleries of open courts. I have seen a judge being impressed by the number of supporters who had come to a hearing and ‘chronic litigants’ such as Maurice Kirk assure … Continue reading

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Documentation on the Connection between High-Level CPS Corruption and Child Sex Slavery

These links came from one Craig in Boston in the US, as if it were a ‘consolation’ to know that it’s really bad ‘over there’, too… Report of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer on CPS Corruption (connection between corrupt family courts, … Continue reading

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Why do we need ‘secrecy’ in the interest of the child whose details are put up for adoption?

Ian Josephs, a former local councillor who publishes Forced Adoption, has helped oodles of families and gets three calls a day concerning child snatching. He sent me this ADOPTION page in the Daily Mirror with local  council email-addresses for contact! … Continue reading

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