Executive Summary

Vicky Haigh Requesting her Daughter back from Her Sexually Abusive Father:
Executive Summary

1.    The Cause for Legal Actions: Evidence of Child Abuse on Police Videos

The then 5-year-old Child was interviewed by Police in July and November 2009, with clear evidence of sexual abuse by the Father which the Mother had suspected since 2006. However, instead of Social Services of Doncaster Municipal and Borough Council (DMBC) reducing contact, the Mother was victimised by a Care Order in favour of the Father the stress of which resulted in a miscarriage. A Non-Molestation Order gave her ‘supervised contact’ between January 2010 and November 2010. Then the Council tried to make Vicky sign and agree to her daughter living with her sexually abusive father. If she refused, they would not let her see her daughter again. Hence no contact since November 2010.

In February 2010, a Reporting Restriction Order prevented her from getting help by “The Media & Others”.

A chance meeting between Mother, Father and Child at a petrol station was twisted such that a Warrant for Arrest against the Mother was issued who was in custody for 65 hours and violent manhandling by Police, despite being highly pregnant. Furthermore, Nottinghamshire Council have put it in writing that they were going to take “Unborn Haigh” at birth. Hence Vicky Haigh, a former model and trainer of racehorses, fled to Ireland upon the advice of John Hemming MP. After having attended his All Party Parliamentary Group Meeting in March 2011, John Hemming removed the gag so that she and DMBC could be named despite the Reporting Restriction Order.

Irish Social Services informed Vicky of Nottinghamshire Local Authority planning to put the new baby into a “secret location” and “up for fostering”. The Police have refused to investigate any of the criminal offences committed by the Father and, by ignoring their own evidence, have become child abusers, too.

2.    An Application to Strike Out Committal Proceedings

While one SL of DMBC started prosecution against the Father, she was substituted by LB who passed herself off as “head lawyer” whilst not being legally qualified at all. These proceedings were continued by KL and resulted in committal proceedings against Vicky Haigh in April 2011.

None of the authorities involved respected the Child’s needs or followed the Children’s Rights Act or the Sexual Offences Act.

3.    An Application for an Emergency Protection Order (EPO)

With a view to helping the Child get back with her family of step father, three siblings and newborn sister in Ireland, Vicky Haigh has applied to issue an EPO on the Child, to issue a Residence Order for the Mother and to take action to instigate a Criminal Prosecution commenced by CPS against the Father. His brother working at Doncaster / Humberside Police seems to have aided in the collusion between Police and DMBC for their failure to act to protect a minor and comply with their PACE Codes 2002, resulting in criminal cover-ups.

4.    Public Support for The Rule of Law in the Public Interest

The “reporting restriction order” is one of 264 gagging orders to “protect” children or young adults, while 69 cover celebrities, according to The untold story of gagging orders[2] published by The Independent in May 2011. After John Hemming MP removed the gag on Vicky Haigh and DMBC, “Legal_AIDS” published a page about David Tune[3] that has been viewed over 39,000 times. The website[4] to publicise Vicky Haigh’s story as one of Britain’s Biggest Issue[5] has been viewed 1,000 times a week on average since May 13, 2011. The petition The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW[6] has been signed nearly 600 times and viewed over 7,400 times.

President Zuma of South Africa is supported by Nelson Mandela to boycott the Olympics 2012 to stop child-snatching in the UK. He will all upon other countries as soon as 2,000 signatures have been collected by the Facebook group (so far 1249) with a Cause group of 206[7] and a petition[8] of 51 signatures.

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