Legal Issues

Legal Issues concerning these injunction orders against parents and their snatched children are – inter alia:

David Cameron MP said

We are in an odd situation when judges make law rather than Parliament.

I am saying:

When social workers are “playing court” by writing their own orders and judges sanction their wrong-doings, we are in an even odder situation!

That’s what has happened to me regarding two councils. One in Wales which I can’t name and the other one is Doncaster which I can name since John Hemming MP removed the gag.

Vicky promised to comply to the Order in order to avoid prison.

Ian Josephs, a former local councillor who gets 3 calls a day from parents whose children were stolen, has commented here that the Daily Mirror and other periodicals are publishing details about children with photos and birthdays.

What kind of law is it that can be bent to serve child abusers???

Furthermore, he writes:

  1. The UK is the ONLY State in the WORLD that gags parents whose children have been taken by social services
  2. The UK is the ONLY State in Europe (except Croatia and possibly Portugal) to permit the horror of “forced adoption”.
  3. The UK is the ONLY State in Europe to allow “Punishment without crime”, i.e. the taking of children by social services from parents who have not committed any criminal offence.
  4. The UK is the ONLY State in Europe taking children for “emotional abuse” and worse still “risk of emotional abuse” (on the basis of predictions from overpaid charlatans that one day parents just might harm their children).
  5. The UK is the ONLY State in Europe to gag parents a second time when they are allowed contact with their children in care. Parents are warned that they must not discuss the case or the situation with their children or to say they love them and miss them; otherwise contact will be stopped altogether.

Why is the UK so different from all the other European democracies?

All five examples of injustice above are an affront to democracy and a disgrace to freedom. They could be instantly rectified by legislation to make all the above five practices illegal and to allow parents threatened with permanent seperation from their children to demand a hearing by a jury.


One Response to Legal Issues

  1. R.D. says:

    Hope this fits in here 🙂 Read below first and then for further reading:


    A Trust is a fictional Form of Relationship and Agreement whereby certain Form, Rights and Obligations are lawfully conveyed to the control of one or more Persons as administrators for the benefit of one or more other Persons. Trust Law and the existence of at least three (3) statutory created Temporary Testamentary Trusts (Cestui que Vie) upon the birth of a new born child is an essential element of Common Law and controls of the courts.

    The hidden trusts and fiduciary functions of a court
    Ask a judge, clerk or prosecutor politely if they are operating under “trust law” or if in fact the case is itself considered a trust and they will probably not answer, order that you undergo a psychological evaluation or change the subject.
    Write to them on the same subject and they may even tell you that there are no trusts and that any allegation that they operate under trust law is just plain wrong, some terrible conspiracy theory or a complete misunderstanding at law.
    So who is telling the truth? Why the absolute desperation to deny the courts also operate under trust law in parallel with other forms of law? And what kind of proof is there? And if Trusts exist, what are they using these powers to do?

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