Rally 2010

Paul Randle-Joliffe speaks at the UK Rally against Child Abuse 2010. Paul is a Common Law Advocate. Please note that this year there will be another rally on 4 June in London.

He talks about the class action that has been put before the International Criminal Court in The Hague and describes the common patterns between cases.

He quotes a social worker who has threatened an MP:

If you go any further, we will take your children!

He also says:

Even the police forces do not uphold the law.

We don’t have a family justice system that we can trust.

People from 20 countries want to do class actions!

James Moore speaks at the Rally

We have the right to be angry at those who play god with ourselves and our offspring, with false laws, deception and murder…

Barbara Richards sings at the Rally

Jack Straw tried to gag us all…

Melizza Jayne Moore speaks at the Rally

I’m a survivor since the age of 4. I’ve been called “unstable” and “deluded”.

I can tell you that Social Services ARE the abusers of the children.

Carol Foster speaks at the Rally – about her ex-husband having been abused.

ITV Interview with documentary filmmaker Bill Maloney which was never broadcast – [Pie and Mash Films]

I am victim of institutionalised child abuse, as my seven siblings and my parents.

My sister was found dead. Cause of death ‘unascertained’.

Basically you are fighting “institutionalised child abuse”.

There is no cure for paedophilia!

Nobody talks about paedophile rings in this country.

David Icke speaks and is being interviewed by Bill Maloney

Nearly 20 years ago I started to realised the child abuse and child abduction by the State.

Social Services are headhunting certain character types: no heart, no empathy, no compassion, no ability to empathise with the agony of loving parents.

Once you realise that there is this secret society (Freemasons, Satanic abuse) you can then understand the stitch ups.

People are mortified when they hear about this.

I’ve seen council documents where parents are threatened if they talk about their case.

Minty – an abuse victim

I am counselling paedophiles now.

I had to steal my casework.

Chris Wittwer who set up a website naming 9.500 paedophiles in the UK which was closed down.

Now there is C.H.R.I.S. Children Have Rights In Society showing 13,000 convicted UK paedophiles.

Witness – The Stolen Children – in Haiti

S.T.O.L.E.N. – YouTube Talk Show – the US version

At the 2011 Rally Against Child Abuse a number of videos were also taken.

For consolation:

Dear Woman by Conscious Men


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