Challenged by Walsall Council in the High Court

Here we seem to have another “shady shadow court game” going on: Social Services “playing court” by using forms that look official and even stamps that look official, BUT there are no records in the court!

Having seen this in three other councils, I’m still wondering how to tackle the problem. But: priorities first:

I Philip Thompson hereby accuse Walsall Social Services of CORRUPTION in the case against my FAMILY.  I now wish to name the MAIN creatures who were COMPLICIT in this CALUMNY.

D. Martin, Pauline Pilkington, Gill Ross, Paul Cooper, Ann Hughes, Angela Hudson, GARNET GREY, then another CRIMINAL from CAFCASS  CURTIS GRIFFIN.

I also accuse a Chris Beesley (not now known by the Law Society) but acting in Wolverhampton.

JUDGE HELEN HUGHES who KNOWS of the MISSING COURT files.  (If there is no record of the JUDGEMENT why do we serve a verdict that does not EXIST).

The LORD MAYOR of Walsall and his TOADY Paul Sheehan should also be mentioned in this ACCUSATION because of their DECEIT.

I must not forget BUPINDER GILL who loyally defends his CORRUPT employers.

WHAT about MY PROSECUTION Gill Ross and Bupinder Gill.  I EAGERLY await your SUMMONS

I have other names within that group who tried to DISSEMINATE when I wrote to them.


Signed.  Philip Thompson.

Walsall SCUM COUNCIL you KNOW my address.




About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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21 Responses to Challenged by Walsall Council in the High Court

  1. Maggie says:

    Philip is a dear old grandparent, what has happened to him and his family, the council should be jailed,better still hung up, Phil fights every day of the year in the hope of bringing back his family into one big happy family again. Be careful Phil they may lock you up with poor old Norman in Leeds Prison, seems like they are gunning for the elderly. with social services and cafcass taking babies children and now the elderly what chance do we as a Nation have.
    It has happened in other countries maybe next in the sorry there are no names for this place we live in, or shall we call it toy town we as the toys doing the bidding of Goverment and social services.

    • Dear Maggie, I would dearly love Walsall Council to take me to Court. All of you will be witness to the judgement in an OPEN COURT where I will be able to question the culprits in my case. I wish to tell you that I have PROOF in different places. I consider that what I have in reserve is sufficient to substantiate my accusations. I shall post the four actual charges under which three infants were adopted on here very shortly. It would be a pleasure to shake Mr. Scarths hand. Thank you all for allowing me these posts.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Well he sounds completely sane and reasonable.

    • mary0017 says:

      Jimmy, I presume you are being sarcastic…’ sane’ ??

      • Jimmy says:

        You got me. I never understand these people. “I lost my case because my ex lied and the judge was too stupid to realise” is a believable story. “I lost my case because of a vast Masonic conspiracy going all the way up to Downing St” generally isn’t.

      • mary 0017, can you please explain your ungrammatical comment “SANE” ?.,

        I have noticed many of the posts here and observed the MALEVOLENT presence of persons who without COMPASSION make their unfounded remarks. Social service PLANTS ?. POSSIBLY. PLEASE remember that DECENT people are only seeking some solace from their victimisation and do not require your FACETIOUS COMMENTS. CONSIDER THIS. WHAT would you have DONE if this CALUMNY had been done to YOUR family. I await your CALLOUS REMARKS.

    • Dear Jimmy, I thank you for the endorsement of my sanity. Could you please give me your qualifications and what is your involvement with social services. I remain Respectfully.

      • Jimmy says:

        I don’t know what your situation is, but if you have in issue with child protection then take advice from someone qualified. There are no shortcuts. Whatever you’re looking for, you won’t find it on the internet, just other unhappy people who will give you bad advice. Posting stuff like this makes you look like a nutter. Of course you may be a nutter, but you may just be very very upset. Sometimes its hard to tell. Either way, stuff like this will just mean people in a position to help won’t want to talk to you.

    • Dear Jimmy, you never answered my reasonable question in your reply at 1046 PM. You also state that you do not know of my situation. Wouls you consider that you fall into the category of NUTTER. YOU seem to be OBSESSED with your own PONTIFICATION. PLEASE do not bother to reply. I can definately do without your TRITE comments.

  3. Debra says:

    The Vicky Haigh wordpress site is headed, at the time of this posting, with “Paedophile” dad. It has not been proven in a Court of Law. Take back the Courts if you want Justice, not label sites.

    The only way to defeat the Elizabethan New World Order is in the Courts using the Lawful Defence.

    The way to recognise True Lawfulness is to read and digest “The Way home or face The Fire”.

    Please avoid comments (chattering and snide remarks) for such a serious matter as child abuse.

  4. d says:

    people are missing the point………… really need to know what is going on in the courts and unless you spend the tim to learn you cannot win EVER.

    study trust LAW, research dean clifford as a start, do not look at anything else becasue much in formation out there is misinformationa and will only confuse and contradict you ability to reason and think logically.

    if you need me to help your comprehension to really get this knowledge email me becasue once people understand this simple knowledge you will be able to use what they use against you with confidence.

    email me

  5. d says:

    dean clifford at freemantobia, type into google.

  6. Jimmy says:

    It’s listening to flakes like you that got her into this mess.

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