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#VickyHaigh on the #RichieAllenShow and RT on #ForcedAdoption where Vicky makes a number of points that confirm the Systemic Pattern of Child Snatching and Forced Adoption in the UK: Parents are imprisoned for breaching gagging orders; Social Services are taking children at birth; Judges hand abused children to … Continue reading

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Social Engineering on a Grand Scale

This article was posted in a number of places on Victims Unite! But I felt it was so unique in its contribution that I put it here, too: Social Engineering On A Grand Scale I’ve been involved in a friend’s … Continue reading

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The mistake that lost us our baby – to Social Services in the North-West

You really can’t believe it unless it does happen to you. And when it does happen, it’s too painful and horrible to talk about. You can’t go into the streets and yell. You don’t tweet about it. For what’s the … Continue reading

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A THANK YOU letter to Vicky Haigh’s Supporters

Dear Supporters May I take this opportunity to thank you all for signing the petition, and supporting me in my quest of getting my daughter returned to me. It seems bizarre that the only way we can get our children … Continue reading

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How Social Workers Steal Children: Abuse of Power / Bullying

This is a blog with three posts, written by a ‘victim turned starfighter’: a woman whose children were ‘given’ to their aunt and who is helping others. Here she is sharing her insights and realisations: Tell Parliament about Child Stealing … Continue reading

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Rate of Welsh children being taken into care increases by 10%

When reading this article one does wonder who’s creating the problems that are being addressed: paedophiles needing victims? local councils needing cash awards? Social Workers desperately trying to meet adoption targets? As usual, it’s bound to be a bit of … Continue reading

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Teenage mother found hanged days after discovering her baby had been adopted

Just in case anybody doubts the veracity of mums, parents and grandparents pining and fighting for their kids or grandchildren against the will of Social Services et al, here is the story of a nineteen year-old mum who killed herself. … Continue reading

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