The Story

Vicky’s story is one that transcends all imaginations, unfortunately like most people’s stories. Only real people can make the things happen that she had to endure.

The most devastating pieces of evidence are

  1. the chronology of the whole administrative / legal development in this sanitised version My Daddy is a Paedophile
  2. the transcripts of police interviews with the daughter in July 2009 and in November 2009 – clearly demonstrating the sexual abuse by the father – but ignored by the Police, since the father’s brother works there
  3. the father David Tune has been named and shamed as one of 14 superinjunctions on Twitter – viewed over 39,000 times
  4. Doncaster Social Services had employed one woman who passed herself as “head lawyer” and instigated proceedings that resulted in
  • a “care order” so that the daughter lives with her father
  • a “non-molestation order” that prevents Vicky from seeing her daughter
  • a “reporting restriction” or “gagging order” that prevents Vickyas well as “The Media & Others” (i.e. me as a blogger) to publish anything revealing the daughter – supposedly in the interest of the child.

During these proceedings

  • Vicky’s legal team worked also for Doncaster Council
  • made her believe that she would lose her daughter unless she followed their advice
  • Vicky had a miscarriage due to the stress over her daughter, her father, Social Services and lawyers.

Furthermore, when she was pregnant again, she happened to have seen her daughter, together with her father, at a petrol station. This was the beginning of harassment by the Police

  • who held Vicky in custody for 65 hours
  • who showed up at odd hours
  • manhandled her brutally despite her pregnancy.

A recent Forensic Analysis has resulted in this Executive Summary.


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