The duty of a mother goes higher than any state interference and we just need to learn how to command our power back

This speech below was read out at a rally in Aberdeen on Sunday, 21 August 2011. Vicky has this in her diary, before she told the judges she would stop campaigning. So she felt obliged to carry out her agreement with the organisers.

Hello everyone,

I am really sorry that I cannot attend this wonderful rally today which I deeply regret.  My heart goes out to all of the people here today who have suffered abuse as a child and I cannot say that I know how this feels as my upbringing was safe, but what I can say is how I have seen first hand how child abuse is the most destructive abuse of all.  My loving childhood has given me the strength to fight my own personal battle of which child abuse is the forefront of my challenges now as I write.

I will succeed for the sake of my offspring.  Integrity and honesty has stood me in very good stead.  Do unto others as you would like to be done to you, and have respect for fellow human beings,  is the success of a decent society. I have had to live with the destruction of child abuse for a number of years and it has been horrific.

I believe the reason that this crime is one of the easiest crimes to escape from in this country is due to a few frightening reasons:

Firstly I believe that a non-paedophile finds it very hard to visualize that human beings are actually capable of sexually abusing a child.

It is way beyond normal people’s imagination and I am guilty of this too, until I witnessed it first hand and it is a very unpleasant experience seeing a child suffer at the hands of a paeodophile. Once the masses wake up to this fact on a wide scale, the problem could be managed more efficiently as ‘they’ are only a small percentage of society.

It has been very obvious to me that the child trafficking problem that the state is practising now, in a bankrupt country as the UK is, is adding to the misery of the children and it is very easy for child sex abusers to infilttrate ANY state child protection organisation.

No child is safe in the UK at this moment.

The state can no longer protect our children as their agendas are far removed from any child protection that they were supposed to be set up for in the first place.  No one, at this present time, should get the state involved in any child protection issues,  as the children are just too valuable a commodity these days.

The slave trade was abolished over 200 years ago, but we now find ourselves in a dire situation where children are being “SOLD” and been used solely as financial instruments and the state has resurrected the slave trade through the county councils.

We have no option but  to take back the control of our Private Family Estates which includes our children.  There is no compassion or feeling from the state, as the money generated outweighs any compassion. The police are being used by the state as henchmen to remove the children and the abuse of power is immense here.

This happens because unfortunately we let them. It is our country and it is our birthright to live freely and happily.


Secondly the problem that seems to be paramount is the obvious protection of paeodophiles.  They are only a very small percentage of the population that are paeodophiles, and that is why they stick together and form rings and infiltrate society like a disease. They position themselves in authority and places of trust in and around a children’s network.

Who are they?

We don’t know until they commit the crimes that we are trying to prevent.

We are many, they are few and we can put an end to these people.

If the state does not protect us from these criminals that harm our children, then we need to take our own lawful action.

Wherever there is a will, there is a way.

We cannot rely on the leadership of our country, as they are part of the problem, and even our Queen, who took oath to protect her people gave away her power.  We just need to take it back.

We are people of the British Isles and it is our birthright to live on this earth free and happy and bring children in this world to nurture and love.

The state has seriously overstepped the mark, but unfortunately WE as the people have let them.

How is this escalating the problem of child abuse you may ask?

Is the child abuse a separate issue to the state kidnapping that is rife in the UK today?

I really do not think that this massive issue is helping, nor will it go away until we take a stand.  I am very aware that the majority of child abuse is caused by a family member and this is tragic for the poor children with this problem under their own safe roof, that the family unit should provide. Unfortunately fathers have been sexually abusing their children for centuries and this is uncovered more and more in the media and this is a sick fact in society. Mothers need to stand up to this.

If the state were able to have no hidden agendas, the abuse would be able to be stopped or prevented by the state, but at the moment it is being escalated.  A sexually abused child shows the same signs over and over again, and anyone with a brain can see the signs immediately.  I have seen this first hand and can confidently talk by very personal experience here.  The whole system is working in reverse and mothers of these children need to be very brave and do what nature put us on this planet for and PROTECT OUR YOUNG.  This is our only job: feed, love and protect our young.  Our children rely on mothers and if the state are not assisting us, we need to take responsibility ourselves.

The duty of a mother goes higher than any state interference and we just need to learn how to command our power back.  Mothers are the people of the British Isles who can curb the child sex abuse.  It is happening to our children right under our noses and it is up to us to stop it.

I would like to end in talking about the survivors that are here today and to try and inspire them and salute them on their bravery.  I have total respect for you all and I know the guilt of abuse is a heavy burden to carry, but you need to rid yourself of guilt, as this is not your fault.

You may feel that I am not in a position to give advice on this matter as I have not suffered myself, but I have had my own personal battle with this subject that I will have to deal with for a long time to come.  You are all strong and powerful and please do not allow these criminals to ruin your “gift of life”.  They are the ones who have to live with their crimes and this world is a round one, which will keep turning.

Please be happy, love yourself and others and keep our children safe.

All my love

Vicky Haigh


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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6 Responses to The duty of a mother goes higher than any state interference and we just need to learn how to command our power back

  1. Dave cutts says:

    Such a inspirational speech,hope people can get some comfort in what Victoria says!! And hopefully we All can change the system,Victoria is such an amazing woman!!! And I love her so much!! And can’t wait to be reunited with my 2 gorgeous daughters sapphire & Romany!!

    • Well, yes, Dave, BUT read this ridiculous story that was produced after today’s hearing!

      It’s now WAR between MSM (mainstream media) and the blogosphere / Twitter, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. This story is an ongoing one that will keep the public guessing until the truth comes out! The truth is the truth and has a crafty way of getting out whether people want it to or not! It is out of my hands now.
      Mother, head of the Haigh family, one of the people of the British Isles x

    • Dave cutts says:

      You can read then!! I suggest you get a copy of the police interview!!

  2. mary0017 says:

    That would be the police interviews ‘as coached by the mother’ of course… said by 3 Judges ?? Err time for you to join the real world I think….or would admitting the truth be just too tricky for you all.. Try reading the comments of the last Judge, or is he a paedophile as well… reading all previous nonsense, I guess so in your warped heads ! everyone else is.! me too of course I would expect no less. The facts are out there, try reading them. Shame on you for what the child has been put through, but it seems there is no consideration of this, by any of you including the ‘mother’. Heaven help the second child if the father puts a foot wrong ! same thing I would guess.

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