Vicky sacks the “guardian” of her daughter; we need “McKenzie Angels” as “Public Guardian Angels”

McKenzie Angels are meant to be supporters in the public galleries of open courts. I have seen a judge being impressed by the number of supporters who had come to a hearing and ‘chronic litigants’ such as Maurice Kirk assure me that it makes a huge difference whether a Litigant in Person is alone or has ‘crusaders and campaigners’ with them.

Here, the ‘guardian’ of Vicky’s daughter is writing:

Dear Ms Haigh

I am contacting you now to give you the opportunity to talk to me about your contact with R. As you are aware the hearing before Mr Justice Baker is likely to make a final decision upon the Local Authority’s application to suspend your contact. I am writing a report to be filed by 21 July. If you wish to speak to me about your views I should be pleased to welcome you to this office or if you wish to express them in written form please do so by email or letter.

Yours sincerely


Family Court Adviser

* Cafcass Doncaster

Vicky responded:

Dear Mr SM

My views are this:

That you are not only sacked as R’s guardian but you are sacked from your job and disciplined criminally for not only putting my daughter at risk several times over but for seriously misleading the court and grossly perverting justice on this case.

And I will be asking the judge to order this.

My innocent daughter has had you worked out all along especially when she totally ignored your presence in a contact session last year. How can you possibly be her guardian when she obviously has no respect for you for being totally biased in her father’s favour when you were entrusted to be her voice in court. She even told the police this in her evidence to them that you “are on daddy’s side”.  No wonder you were anxious to keep these interviews hidden in the secret family court!

I ask you these questions which I require an answer in full.

1.  Why have you ignored my daughter’s strong wishes and feelings to:

a) not want to see her father

b) to live with her mummy

c) to be with her step siblings and her step daddy who she adores

d) to ride her pony

e) to be reunited with me and to never agree to be taken barbarically from my mother’s house last year.

Are you the person behind this criminal cover up that has perverted justice in such a manner that it is causing R  to suffer more harm now than she EVER has had in her life?

You have never been her voice in court, have you?

You have twisted, colluded, consealed  important evidence, haven’t you?

Do you think it was a sensible thing to put in your report that if R ever said in the future she was abused “we have to tell her she hasn’t”?

Do you actually understand the repercussions of such a statement?

It removes authority for EVERYONE that is supposed to have authority to protect R to not be able to do so.

Why do you think the Headmaster has had to speak to the Governors regarding his concern for R and not you or M? (M has even told him not to contact me ‘her mother’ as I seem to be the only person trying to protect her.)

Probably because YOU have blocked any child protection agency from protecting her with your mindless and idiotic statements.

Can you not see what you have done and the risk you have put her in?

Her father has never been tried so how can you say he is innocent?

The finding of fact and other hearings before have resulted in YOU blackmailing and threatening me, the innocent mother, is this correct?

Did you not write a report around Spring 2009 to remove R from my care and again last year?

What have I done wrong that is so bad to separate us and what solid evidence do you have?

Do you accept that the hearing in January 2010 was totally one-sided and that the Council acted totally unprofessionally with the way they bumbled through what findings they were going to make?

Why, as Guardian for the child did you not oppose their obvious pathetic handling of such an important case?

I am surprised you have managed to survive this long in your job, and are still entrusted to write reports for my child, as it is of my opinion you should be struck off and never be allowed to work with young girls again. You are as bad or maybe even worse than her father because it was your job to protect R, be HER voice and you have failed miserably.

It really is not rocket science this case, with the amount of evidence available to figure out the truth, unless that is, you have a vested interest as you so blatantly obviously do.

The evidence of abuse still floods in, with me out of the picture so I cannot any longer be blamed. What excuse are you going to stick together for R’s continued distress now? Who are you going to blame, the school cat?

Please do the right thing for once in your miserable career: accept your failings or leave your job and let someone capable of ensuring my daughter’s safety and future happiness take over.

Your wisdom of advising the court that R would have to live without me has actually made grown men cry. It is THE most cruellest suggestion that any human being can make against a mother and her child. How do you sleep at night?

The modicum of respect that I may have managed to muster for you as a professional hired to look after my daughter’s affairs has long since disappeared and I am sure my beautiful daughter feels the same.

Please do not refer to me ever again as a ‘coacher of my child or the emotional abuser of my child’ – without providing me with solid evidence, as the evidence that I have witnessed over recent months as to my child’s psyche and wellbeing is a far cry from her wonderful life with me. If you do, I will bring a private prosecution against you for serious misconduct and defamation, I hope I make myself clear.

You should hang your head in shame Mr Mosley, for assisting in frightening, torturing and separating a child in such barbaric circumstances from her mother. My daughter’s damaged state of mind and body will live with her forever and God only knows what effect this will have on her in later life. A rat infested solitary cell is too good for you!

I await answers to my questions with a deep sadness at my daughter’s enforced situation and I insist your report (including answers to my questions) that you submit to court, be a sworn affidavit as I seem to be the only adult willing to swear on oath, which says a lot doesn’t it?

V Haigh


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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4 Responses to Vicky sacks the “guardian” of her daughter; we need “McKenzie Angels” as “Public Guardian Angels”

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  3. annie says:

    Sabine, I provided you with a top barrister from London in family law 3 months ago now, who will seek Judicial Reviews, where there are serious errors in Family Law outcomes and gets justice. My case was similar to Vicky’s but this is getting out of hand with the 2021 proposal. How this has got to this stage has got to be because you simply have the wrong legal team acting eg have not paid for a top barrister to rectify this appalling matter.
    Whatever, please can you contact me, or preferable get Vicky to without delay. We will get justice for this appalling state of affairs, but whatever you are doing, is not working and is not right.

    A top barrister in family law privately funded is urgently needed and I know the right man for this job because I have used him.

    Best wishes

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