By reading your school logs it breaks my heart to read how distressed you are

Dear Darling

I have done everything that I possibly can to get you back with mummy. We have to let the round world do what it does now. No one can stop the world turning. If I do not succeed in getting you back, then it truly means massive corruption in the system in place, as we are both innocent you and me. I will write to you all of the time and no one can stop you reading my letters. You will find them darling, one day.

You need to appoint your own solicitor and you are a very, very intelligent child. I think you should be strong enough to figure this out even though you are being heavily influenced to become alienated from me. You need to stand up and tell your solicitor what you want and what has happened to you. Your dad cannot hide forever, darling and you must carry on from where I left off. I will be right there by your side, when you are ready. I will not let you do it alone. I have your statements, your own words to Michelle. Dont worry, darling if mummy cannot get you justice, you will be able to get it.

This has ruined your beautiful childhood and no grown up will get away with this. You may now have an attachment to your dad or you may still not want him near you like before, but that does not mean that he should not pay for his very serious crimes against you. You can always visit him in prison if you want to. That is where he needs to be darling and you can  live safely with mummy and Sapphire.

When we see each other again we will just carry on where we left off. I am your mother and will always be your mother until the day that I die which will not be for another thirty or so years at least. We will have plenty of time together when you are older and realise what happened to you. If it takes that long, we will still have a wonderful life. We are not going to let a bad dad ruin our life forever, darling. I will not let it happen. Sometimes injustices have to take their own course and although mummy has tried for years to protect you from your dad, the system in place has crumbled to an unbelievable level of pure corruption. We can only try to change things by letting the truth come out over time.

By reading your school logs it breaks my heart to read how distressed you are, crying to the teachers on being very sore when you go to the toilet, and how your privates hurt and sting and how you feel sick and not sleeping. I am really disgusted at your school who are your last resort for help, but all they do is report back to your dad. It must be horrific for you darling and you are probably wondering where your mummy is and why won’t anyone help you. I am so so sorry darling that I am not there loving you and protecting you and that your teachers are helping daddy cover everything up. This is not fair but I can promise you that I will be there for you always. I am here now but I am being stopped coming near you by the police. Did you see the police at your sports day? The teachers were told to call them and if I would have come to see you, my precious little angel, running and having lovely fun together, I would have been put in prison!

I cannot help you or look after Sapphire from prison, so you will have to forgive me for not doing everything to see you.

Let’s hope and pray that everything will untangle and you are given back to where you belong. Please stay strong darling as I know your work is suffering. You will get the strength that you need as soon as you realise I am still here and have not abandoned you. Then you can stand up to this yourself with me there.

I love you so much angel and my heart  is breaking, aching and hoping that everything will sort out.

Please be strong, do not be too unhappy. As soon as you find my letters you will have all the strength to fight.

All my love

Your big unbelievable





About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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