People are being paid to protect you and are doing a rubbish job

Dear darling, precious little chicken

What a journey!  We are having our own separate journeys through life and I feel really sad for you that you do not have your mummy’s love or protection when you need it most.

I know your life hasn’t stopped and I know that you are blocking out the things that mean the most to you, like me and the kids. You must feel so bewildered at why you cannot see your baby sister. You are too young to understand this unnatural situation. I will let you into a secret, that even at my age I cannot understand how this has happened.

I hope you are not hurting too much, as children like you are very resilient and have a coping mechanism that stops suffering. You are a different child though, as you have me as your mummy and I am very different to the masses. I am brave, tough, and a little crazy. You are like me. You look like me and act like me. No one will stop this as it is in your genes, you have my blood, as I have said before.

I love you and by doing what I am doing, which I will show you when you are back with me, I like to think you are protected. I hope that the huge publicity that I created around this case has made people watch over you. I have been a clever mummy darling by posturing myself in a position of strength but I admit some of it was by accident. I have done everything for one thing only and that is to protect YOU from harm. People are being paid to protect you and are doing a rubbish job. I protect you for free and would give everything that I have ever owned for you. You and Sapphire are my life and without you my life is worthless. I love and miss you darling and I am expecting a big telling off from you for not seeing you for all of this time. You can shout at me all that you like, I want you to, this will get rid of your anger at what has happened and then we will cuddle for a long time and I will tell you that everything is going to be fine. We will get over this, baby, very quickly, you wait and see. You have your big strong mummy prepared to do anything to protect you.

In October last year I was distraught and downtrodden not believing that humans were going to take you away from me for good for the rest of your childhood, as I had never harmed you. This is what they did though and with no remorse or sadness. “I could wither and die or FIGHT.”  When the people you are fighting are very stupid and only think of money, it makes my fight very easy. I fight for love which is a winning formula. As long as you fight for love you cannot lose.

I found a lady called Liz who you owe a lot to as she is a very clever lady. Also my other great friend Lindsey who put me in touch with Liz, is amazing as she stopped mummy feeling sad and Liz explained why we were separated.

Then there is Sabine who lives in Germany who put my website together. They all are working so hard to get you back with me and they are very intelligent just like you. Xx You know there is a saying that goes like this ‘you can learn from your mistakes, but it is better to learn from other peoples!’.

You are going to be one warrior in your life. I will not let you be bitter. I believe there are positive things that come out of every bad situation. You accept what happened and you move on and remember darling ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’.

You will love Ireland. The people are very lovely and very caring. I have loved Ireland since I first came here buying horses years ago. We will take all of the time we need to heal from this nightmare. We have a lot of ladies waiting for us to be put back together, so they can ‘put us back together’ like Humpty Dumpty x I can’t wait for you to boss me around again!

Sending you all my strength, love and Karma





About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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