If you work for love, you love to work. I am now working for love, my love for you!

Dear Darling

Did you see last year after they took you from me how they then forced you to spend time with your dad, going to parks, walks, bowling and to your nanna’s? They made it really nice and enjoyable, but you always said you wanted to come home to mummy. You were not fooled by their pathetic attempts to make you want to be with him. All you wanted was your mummy and step siblings and cute Dave. You kept calling him daddy as you love him so much and he has never hurt you. They made you and me sit in a small room and we were not allowed to go out anywhere.

They did this to wean you away from me and become attached to your dad as you did not want to see him or live with him. They knew they were going to take you away from me for good and they kept stopping you seeing me when you cried and that made me cry. Your nanna told you if you see daddy you will see mummy more. How dare they bribe you like that!

They ganged up on us darling and we didn’t stand a chance. They knew that by stopping you seeing your pony and riding him it would cause you and me tremendous unhappiness as this is what we really enjoyed doing together. They knew that you would hurt very badly at not seeing your step siblings, but they did this to be very cruel to you and me. They made time with your dad really enjoyable so that you looked forward to seeing him, then they made our time mundane and boring in a tiny hot room with nothing to do. These people are very sick and twisted darling, not like you and me. We love each other and have feelings not like the zombies who are paid to make our lives better (but actually ruined them).

You will make your own mind up about your own father. My dad, a famous footballer in his younger days, was a fantastic dad compared to yours. He would have never ever taken me away from my sisters and mummy. You will look back when you are older and wonder why your dad was so cruel, but that will not be our problem darling. The only person who truly has to live with him – is HIMSELF. – I am guessing he will be a lonely old man, unloved and bitter. My dad was loved by everyone until his very last breath. You were with me when he was cared for at home by everyone around him, making his life as comfortable as we could.

Your granddad would be protecting you if he was here my little one. He would not let this happen. His family values were very strong and he taught me to do everything for love and not money. That is why I spent my life with my horses, working very hard, because my dad said if you work for love, you love to work! To get paid for something you love is a bonus.

You see I am now working for love, my love for you. I need you safe with me, your big mummy, and I do not get paid for it because you are my world and I work for free to give you love and security. I love caring for you and making sure that you are happy. I know you have not been happy without me but I promise we will make up for that when we are back together.

God, we will be sooo fed up with each other (not really) after a few weeks. All that kissing and hugging and tickling that I do to you. Oh my…. I cannot wait.

Love love love





About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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