Some people choose to be criminals, some to hurt other people, some to help people or animals, some to simply do nothing

Hi my little chicken

I have been really busy looking after my 2 little girls. You might not think that I am doing anything for you, but I am working flat out, harder than I have ever worked, to get you your justice darling. You have done absolutely nothing wrong but have been treated worse than the mistreated animals in the circus. You probably ask ‘why’ all of the time, but I really hope my letters are filtering through to you.

There are a lot of people coming to support mummy and a lady called Liz who has been helping mummy, to the biggest court in the country on Monday 25th July. I saw in your notes that your Daddy was worried in January about going to the High Court and he probably won’t be sleeping again now as he has to be told off for what he has done to you, if there is ever any justice in the world.

We know what he did, along with tens and thousands of other people, but it is now up to him to admit it to himself. Let’s see what happens. I do not believe you are safe with him. I have been to court twice in the last 2 weeks to get you out of there, but they ignored me. These people are either very brave or very stupid, as you will have major recourse on so many authorities, magistrates, social workers, solicitors, barristers, guardians, child protection organisations, police, schools and don’t worry darling I HAVE ALL OF THE EVIDENCE! CLEVER GORGEOUS MUMMY xxxx I love you,  we will get through this, with our head held very high. We are strong, they are weak.

We are all put on this earth for something my Angel, and some people choose to be criminals, some choose to hurt other people, some choose to help people or animals, some choose to simply do nothing. That is THEIR choice no one else’s. They are choosing to hurt mummies and children like us, nobody is making them, your dad chooses to keep you away from your mummy, baby sister, step sisters, pony, Tigger. If he chose to he could have stopped (or even better, not even started in the first place) the misery he has put you through and continues to put you through. He has been helped by other people who chose to go against nature and what is right, BUT this is all about to fall down around their ears.

You need to start and think what we are going to do first together. I bet you drag me shopping for a beautiful brand new wardrobe full of clothes, and make up, nail polish, lelli kellys. Oh my Goose we are going to paint the town red. It will be different this time, as we will have little red head, Sapphire following us everywhere, we will get no peace to shop with no inteference as she is soooo clingy, just like you are with me.

I love you darling and we will be great again, once we are back in each other’s arms away from the horrible people that have been sticking their unwanted noses in our lives the past few years.

Everything will be fine, you will have your mummy back, your baby sister to look out for and your older step siblings who love you and not forgetting Joe and cute Dave who adores you as much as the others.

Pray darling for your dreams to come true very soon my angel, very, very soon.

All my biggest hug and hundreds of big kisses,

Your fabulously, strong, happy Mummy




About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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