They can’t even ride as they spend all their time being cruel to nice people like us

Hello my incredibly gorgeous little chicken xx

Your mummy has been working really hard writing a long story on why you should be given back to your mummy. All those nasty people that took you away blaming mummy for harming you have been included in the story and how they are very naughty at stealing you from mummy.

I cannot wait for you coming home darling and I am sure you will be fine once you are safe in my arms. You will be kept really busy as Sapphire needs so much looking after and I am hoping you will enjoy helping mummy.

As it is the summer holidays very soon, I thought that we could spend a lot of our time riding as you haven’t ridden and neither has mummy as I have been having your baby sister. I cannot believe those horrible cruel people stopping you seeing your own pony. They would not like it if we did it to them, but they can’t even ride as they spend all their time being cruel to nice people like us.

I have found a lovely riding school with a cross country course, which is a track in the countryside with jumps everywhere. You may need to get back into it before you start cantering and jumping, but I bet you ride brilliantly like you always have.

I am sure your confidence will come back really quickly, as you are such a talented little jockey. I love riding with you and we are going to pack up lots of picnics and take the horses in a trailer to the beach, so we can canter along the sand and trot through the sea. That would be so much fun. I have always wanted to take you riding through mountains, too, so we can do that if you want to.

We will do anything that you want to do, darling, as your life has been a bit horrible without your mummy and the kids, Dave and baby Sapphire.

Did you know that we all love you so much and we all miss you very very much. We didn’t realise that you are the centre of our life, until you were cruelly taken away. If I was a really bad mummy, then it might have been easier; but the whole world knows what a terrific mummy I am. Baby Sapphire loves me and she is very content for a tiny baby and I look after her really well. You will really laugh at her when you meet her as her hair is really red and bushy! She is really like you darling, as I have said before.

Anyway I cannot wait to see you and don’t worry as we will just carry on from where we left off. We will kiss, hug very very tightly and we will be fine you and me and baby mini both of us.

Your stomach problems will go and you won’t get cold sores anymore. You have had these things because your mummy has not been there looking after you. We will talk a lot as I need to catch up on all of your life that I have missed. I can’t wait for all of the parties and I saw a little girl in the airport with some high heel Hannah Montana shoes that we will get for you, if you want! I am so excited about going shopping to get you brand new riding stuff and fancy party dresses.

It will be so great for you and me doing all of the things that we used to do together, doing them again.

I love you with all of my heart.

Your big mummy




About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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