It must be so awful to see all your friends with their mummies and you not with yours

Hi Darling

I cannot wait for you to read my letters. You will then be able to understand why I have not seen you. I miss you so much and cannot imagine what it is like for you not to have your mummy around. It must be so awful to see all your friends with their mummies and you not with yours. Can you remember in the petrol station when you were really scared of me and your dad shouted ‘call the police’? He has been trying desperately for a very long time to get your mummy put into prison so that I cannot protect you from him. He has also scared you but you must be brave darling, we will get over this, you and I and Sapphire. Even his mum has helped him take you away from me. You know what they have done to us, but it is about getting the truth out and we will, baby, we will very soon.

Dave, your step daddy, loves you loads and we talk about you all of the time. He has tried to see you loads of times with the kids but the stupid people will not let you see them. We will never be this cruel to anyone in our life but some people are cruel as we have seen.  I bet it is very hard for you not seeing ‘the kids’ but we are planning a lovely holiday to Barbados with all the kids and baby Sapphire when you are back.

I just cannot wait to take you shopping for clothes. I see beautiful fancy dresses all of the time that I cannot wait to buy you. I am going to get you the Lelli Kellies with the heel too. It is going to be one big party everyday to make up for all our lost time.

You may think that I have abandoned you, but you must know that I am not even allowed to send you anything through the post or make any telephone calls to you. You know this is true as I bought you a mobile phone at Christmas that you were not allowed to keep. You will have a phone as soon as you are back, as Olivia, Megan and Joe have one and Dave is going to get you one the same as Megan’s pink one. It will be so exciting all being together again. We will all soon forget about the nightmare of being separated. The people that caused this will have to explain why they did this to us. How they stole my little chicken and not let me see you.

We will be fine, my little angel, when we are back together. I have not died. I am still here, big and strong, never giving up getting you back.  Baby Sapphire is growing so quick. She was born in Ireland, I think I have already told you this. You have been to Ireland a few times with mummy and we had a great time. You were always travelling about with mummy everywhere, I bet you miss it so much, just as much as I miss my little travelling companion. You were always great in the airports and on the aeroplanes, like a little seasoned traveller.

Everybody used to comment on how good you were.

I love you to the moon and back.

All my love

Your big lovely





About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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