When you’re 8 you will be listened to

Hi Darling

I am letting you know that a lady called me today and told me that her daughter went to see her own solicitor when she was 8 years old and told them exactly what she wanted.  You can do this when you are 8 and then you will be listened to.  Your wishes and feelings have been totally ignored up to now and all of the time when you said that you did not want to see your dad and definitely not live with him, they do the opposite.  Then the fight will be your fight, as no one is listening to mummy although I will support you fully with whatever you want to do.

I will always be here for you darling, but people are not telling you this.  I am not sure what is wrong with our country, but there are thousands and thousands of people very angry with what is happening to our children.  I am glad that I live in Ireland and hope that you will come and live with me there with your baby sister.  They cannot keep you away from me forever and whatever they tell you, you will know when you read this that I desperately want you back home with me.

We will heal together darling from this trauma of being seperated.  They keep trying to accuse me of wanting to kidnap you when it is them that kidnapped you from me.  These people are totally mad and I am not really sure if they are even human beings.

Sue our friend told me your dad must be very very evil, keeping you away from your mummy.

Angela our other friend has never known a dad like him that can damage you so much by contacting the police and trying to get mummy in prison when I have never done anything wrong.

A lot of people are behind us darling, watching and waiting.  You be strong and tell them what you want.  It will happen darling soon.

It is against nature what has happened to us and just dream of riding our horses together with little baby following on her tiny pony.

I love you darling more than anything and cannot wait until you are old enough to go and tell a judge exactly what you want.  They will not be able to stop you seeing your mummy then.  None of this is your fault and I will never stop trying to protect you.

I love you, I miss you and cannot wait to be with you.

All my love your big strong


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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2 Responses to When you’re 8 you will be listened to

  1. towardchange says:

    By then the wheels will be churning and your child will have been programmed as to what to say. They will groom her. This is why taking the matter as high as one can go is imperative.

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