The 6th Child removed by Haringey Council from the M-Family

You can’t believe it unless it happens to yourself or someone you know. But Christopher Booker does not just believe. He knows. Hence he has been writing about the issue of child-snatching for years, but nothing changes! In fact, the current Children Minister, Tim Loughton MP, slams his ‘unhelpful’ campaign against the child-snatchers.

Christopher Booker has followed the drama of the M-Family very closely. In this article he writes about the girl that is missing for 10 months. Since then, the 6th baby was taken under the following circumstances:

The baby was removed from the family on the 27th June. It was kept on dubious charges. At the hearing at Gee St on the 7th July, the baby was ordered back to the M’s in 2 weeks, subject to conditions. What will ensue within those 2 weeks nobody knows, but it is at least a step forward and not necessarily backwards. It was assumed drugs had been administered to the baby by the parents, though none were found in the baby or in either parent from initial tests done at the baby’s arrival to hospital. Even so an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) was issued on this. Apparently more tests followed.

The doctors from the hospital did not show for the hearing – because they would have had to testify nothing was found untoward in neither baby or parent. No medical reports or other documents have been shown to the Musas, as is their right – the drug test findings, {or lack of}, for example, still nothing has been heard about any of the other children.

There was a meeting between the M’s and the High Commissioner of Nigeria in London earlier this week and he said he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do much regarding their appalling situation….

I was surprised.

He said there were a million other Nigerians here and no one person / family gets special treatment. I asked him how many Nigerians were there with 6 children removed illegally, one child being molested and disappearing. He made no reply…his colleague was more ambitious and wanted a full report, though I think that was just lip service to placate things. It did get a bit heated…

…still no MP, authority figure, or anybody at all has replied to any message asking for help in this case. It is just as if nothing is happening…it is a disgrace….but thanks to those who do support the M’s and have shown it.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe adds:

There are serious questions regarding Haringey and other Social Services breaching international law.

Local authorities it would seem routinely breach international law and treaties (which is briefly as follows):

  1. It is clear in international law that the state has fixed legal responsibility for the violation of international obligations as a state responsibility
  2. This includes responsibility for injury to foreign nationals
  3. State responsibility occurs when as state violates and international obligation
  4. A state is fixed with responsibility when there is an unlawful act or omission attributable to the state
  5. A state is responsible for the activities of all its organs this includes organisations or individuals acting for the state including local authorities, judges, social workers, NHS etc (this would include for instance Haringey and those acting for it)
  6. Breach of international obligation gives rise to reparation obligations
  7. Obligation and international responsibility can also occur by reason of denial of justice and due process including in respect of a legal dispute whether civil or criminal and can also include collusion by refusing to act on a statutory obligation say by the police, courts, local authority, regulator etc and persons working for them
  8. The liabilities extend to leaders and other elected members of councils as the corporate parents have clear legal obligations in both domestic and international law as a consequence

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7 Responses to The 6th Child removed by Haringey Council from the M-Family

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  5. Anonymous says:

    My God, this is all so scarey!! Who has the power to stop this nightmare? I have written to Tim Loughton myself regarding my granddaughter being taken away from my loving home with no reason. Needless to say I have received no reply. How can a civilised country enable wickedness like this? Is it no child cruelty? How come no one cares. I have written numberous letters but no answers are forthcoming from anyone. Surely we must be able to do something?

  6. Ray Doherty says:

    Read More…

    The number of people convicted of sex offences on children aged under 16 in England and Wales has increased by nearly 60% in six years.

    A Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Justice found that in 2005, 1,363 people were convicted while in 2010, it was 2,135.

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