You must feel me as I am sending you the most powerful love

Hello my gorgeous baby

I am including pictures of Sapphire in today’s letter.

The picture of you at nanna’s as a baby, is identical to Sapphire. Your sister is so much like you. I love you both so much and the people that have stolen you from mummy are so nasty and cruel at not even bothering or caring that you have never seen your sister. They can only be so cruel as they have no guilt on any action of cruelty that they do, as if they did, they could never steal you away. Humans have to have a sense of guilt when they do bad things to other people. If they do not feel guilty it means their heart is detached from their body.

You are spending a lot of time with people like this right now. You will not grow up to be heartless, my little angel, like these people that you are forced to be around. You will not be cruel to people just because these people have been cruel to you. To deny a little girl her birthright of being with her mummy is the cruellest thing any human can do to another. Your first 5 years with me, your wonderful, gorgeous mummy has given you your character for life and this will be your guide. You will still be guided by me even though I am not there, as you will never forget my love and my security that I gave you. We had so much fun together but I cannot think of you laughing or crying at the moment as I cannot bear it. The life you have now, devoid of a mother’s love that has been forced onto you by reckless people, is only temporary my angel. We have the rest of our lives to love each other and all the others that we choose to love.

All mummy’s friends are so sick in their stomach that this has happened to us and a lot of people are signing a petition and leaving comments, too. Everyone is behind us darling, you will not know this but we are all here in our thousands making a difference. The ‘court of public opinion’ is growing my little sweetness and more and more people are becoming aware of what these people are doing to me and other mummies and children. Your little friend at school who has no mummy who I told you to be nice to was naughty because her mummy was not looking after her. You told me that you said to her you knew what it was like not living with mummy. I want you back home angel. We need you here with us, where you belong. You are not with your mummy because there has been a big mistake from people who should not be making mistakes where little children are concerned. England is rubbish at caring for children. A lot of children are living in danger and not been rescued.

I am absolutely trying to get our justice my baby. We are all trying all the thousands of people behind us. We will not stop until our army is too big for these people. It will be an historic event and you will be there at the helm with mummy and Sapphire. We are many, they are few.

Be safe my baby, I am here, can you feel me, you must feel me as I am sending you the most powerful love. You will be strong like mummy.

It is happening soon.

Biggest hug and kiss

Mummy xxxxxxxxxxx


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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