You cannot use a short term solution to a long term problem

To my darling little angel

Had a very very bad day today. I was driving along and the Sugarbabes song came on that you and I always did Karaoke to.

“can we bring yesterday back around, cos I know how I feel about you now, I was young I was blind I let you down, but I know how I feel about you know”

“every day passes on and I know you’re the one and I can’t live a day without you”.

You used to hold the microphone and sing with mummy and mummy did her silly dance. I wonder if you will cry when we are back together. I cannot remember what I was like at your age. Will it take you a while to realise what has happened?  I know you are damaged my little one, but we can get back to how we were. If we have survived all of the torture and cruelty of being separated, it should be a breeze being back together. I have seen too, where it says in writing that I refuse to see you and because of this, you are not sleeping.

Please darling do not believe anyone that says I do not want to see you. Of course I do but they were being cruel to mummy saying I could only see you with other people watching and then they wrote horrible things about me when you got upset saying that I made you cry when it was the fact that you were not with your mummy that made you cry.

You will not understand this but “you cannot use a short term solution to a long term  problem”. I will explain this when I see you, when we are riding through the beautiful woods together.

My god darling, what has happened to us should never have happened. I wish someone would tell you that I am here, strong, doing everything that I can to get you back to me.

It has been so difficult for mummy, because I have had to have your baby sister in another country as there is proof in black and white that the horrible people were going to take our precious little newborn from mummy in the hospital, if I would have stayed in this country. That is why I had to travel to a lovely country where the children are protected. Mothers and children are treated like Queens in Ireland, not like England where we are tortured and used to make money from.

I am strong, darling, but having to deal with all of this has been extremely tough for me, but I am still here for you. It is good that it is me who is your mummy, as all the other ladies that I have spoken to have said, they could not have done what I have done for my two little girls. They would not have survived as I have done, stronger than ever before.

I am praying that someone has told you that I am here and communicating with your school and doing everything that a mummy can do to get her beautiful little angel back to safety.

I love you much more than I even love any of the horses that I have had and you know I loved them a lot. I know what a broken heart feels like as I have one, since you were stolen. Baby Sapphire will adore you darling. We will heal, we will be fine, the lovely Irish ladies are going to help us. They are kind wonderful ladies and they are waiting for you baby, to come to be healed.

Please, please feel in your heart that I am here darling, big and strong, full of love, for you my little angel.

I would rather die than ever stop fighting for you. You and Sapphire are my life and I would fight lions for you both.

I cannot wait for you to be aware that I am here, watching, waiting, for our justice to be served to us.

All my love and kisses


Your big bear mummy and baby bear Sapphire xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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