A THANK YOU letter to Vicky Haigh’s Supporters

Dear Supporters

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for signing the petition, and supporting me in my quest of getting my daughter returned to me. It seems bizarre that the only way we can get our children back, is through the corrupt courts that took them in the first place.  I have seen skulduggery of the highest level in the family court with my own eyes.  It is totally unbelievable what these morons do in our family courts.  I do not think I will ever hold a solicitor or a judge in high esteem ever again.

CAFCASS is a very sinister quango organisation.  I believe this is where a lot of the paedophiles are masquerading themselves as officers of the courts, as they are supposed to be the children’s voice in court, but never do what the child begs, also what they ask the judge to consider pretty much goes in their favour. I believe they are procuring the children for their sick rings, by seeking out the paedophiles and supporting them. The accountability for CAFCASS and Social Services is nil and this lets them get away with everything.  The chief executive of CAFCASS is also on the board of the largest adoption agency in the UK, which is why he does not care about his employees’ misdoings. ONE BIG HAPPY SCAM.  I was in the spin cycle of the complaints department for several months and was told by them that they liked to see me cry!!

I have figured out that crying is a sign of weakness and they can keep you on the emotional roundabout whilst they tear your child further and further away from you, dangling the carrot to do as they say.  It really is war crimes with no war.

I have found the UK social workers to be well below average intelligence and totally oblivious to the court shenanigans that go on.  They are almost brainwashed into thinking that what a judge says is like the ten commandments, written in stone.  The social workers lie and are caught out over and over, but no one seems to care!  It is all smoke and mirrors in the court room. The good social workers are soon forced out of the system if they have a heart.

My barrister could not even look at me in the eye.  She had a habit of looking at me with her eyes shut!!!  They collude to get the children to land the lucrative care order. They are incestuous these people, all boiling in the same big pot.

This will all come out into the public domain as the public are now beginning to wake up.   Please keep pushing the website to everyone that you know, keep getting signatures for us and once one case is unlocked we will have the key for all of the others.

  • Let’s support the boycott for the Olympics.
  • Lets hit the leaders of our country where it hurts, they need shaming throughout the world and embarrassing into admittance of the child snatching that is rife in the UK.

A HUGE goal for me (when I have my daughter back in my arms) is to get ALL of the FORCED ADOPTED children, returned to their birth mother.  I want this to happen, I think we ALL as a nation need this to happen. All of the wrongs need putting right. The mothers who I know about who have had this happen to them are completely broken as human beings.  We need this to change.

In Ireland where I live now there is no forced adoption, no taking children for potential emotional abuse, no taking a newborn if other children have been taken, and the social services and police DO have a separation of power. It is very hard to remove a child from its mother in Ireland and it is so refreshing to have respect as a mother from these lovely people.

In the UK you are treated as if you are totally deranged. They meddle in your private life and pester you. They leave children, that actually need them, to continue being abused or at worst to die. The thought of having my baby taken at birth fills me with horror.  I would have never seen her again as  newborns are worth a lot of money.  In the region of £40,000.

Ian Josephs shocked me by telling me that 50 – 100 babies are taken every week.  Look at his website Forced adoption.com.

Please keep up the support.  We are many, they are few.  We can, if we all stick together, get our country Great again. Thank you once again.

My warmest wishes to you all

Vicky Haigh


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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9 Responses to A THANK YOU letter to Vicky Haigh’s Supporters

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  8. Sam Spruce says:

    I agree with what you say. The system is unfortunately built for its own survival even at the cost of the people it ‘serves’. There is no doubting that the system is perverse and corrupt. The problem seems to be in understanding how it comes about. I have some understanding and am still left wondering how to defeat it. It seems that a relentless campaign of complaining may be chipping away at the foundations but it also seems a disproportionate amount of energy. But abuse must never be accepted. The social services are abusive and people must continue to object. So you have my complete support. I have a current case which is different but equally abusive and I am pursuing them with every grain of effort I can muster. You can read all about it at http://www.toxicdrums.com/children-services-abuse/index.htm

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