When you run into my arms you will have to forgive my tears

Hello my sweet little angel

I feel so much better now that I am writing to you knowing that one day you will read my letters and understand where everything went wrong. It is criminal that you have been left without your beautiful mummy for all of this time when I am alive and well. Again I find out something really terrible that is damaging you so much and at the moment darling I can do nothing about it.

I heard that you have a hiding place in your bedroom with a torch which is a place for you to hide if your mummy comes to get you. Who is scaring you against your mummy darling? It breaks my heart that other human beings are so cruel as to scare you against a mummy who you adore and love with all your heart. I will not have to take you like this, with you all terrified, you will be given back by the people that stole you from me. They will be made to explain to you how bad they were taking you and how sorry they are. I will make sure they read you all of my letters first and tell  you that the system they have created was rotten and set up by people who just wanted to make money by tearing children away from their mummies.

These people need locking up and the key needs throwing away so that they can never be allowed near ANY human beings ever again.

This is how these maniacs break the strong bond between a loving mummy and her baby girl. Do not worry little angel, as we will overcome these cruel obstacles and be even closer than we ever were before all this happened.

I surprise myself at how I cope without you but the real truth is I don’t really. I exist from day to day, hoping and praying that you will be back where you belong, safe in my arms. This will happen darling, soon, God will make sure of this. You are damaged now angel and so am I. I will tell you that I cannot look at any child without pains in my heart. The pain gets worse if the child is crying as I know how much you have cried for me. I hate the school run times and I stayed in bed until all of the local children went to school. I feel like this and I am a grown up, I cannot imagine how your little brain thinks. This will pass my angel. Mummy has people all ready and waiting to heal both of us together so that we can get over this trauma and move on.

I miss you so much my little honeybun. Your bravery amazes me. You are going to be a very caring, loving and strong little lady. Just keep dreaming and wishing of cantering on Scampi along the beach in  Ireland, with mummy. Keep wishing of just being with your mummy, painting our nails, putting on our make up like we used to do. Keep wishing of going to our hairdressers together and getting our hair done. I love you my little chicken.

When you run into my arms you will have to forgive my tears. I will not be able to stop them.

Forever loving you

Your big mummy bear




About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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