Tomorrow in the Sunday Telegraph again!

Hello my darling little girl

We have made the national news again!! We are in The Sunday Telegraph again!

This time it is because they are trying to put mummy in prison (again). The public must think I am a dangerous criminal and not an innocent mother trying to get her daughter back.

Can you remember darling when I saw you in the petrol station? I know that you had been really scared by people telling you that I was going to kidnap you. How ridiculous are these morons! I am not sure how the word ‘kidnap’ can be used with your own flesh and blood, but we are dealing with deranged individuals, not loving caring people here.

I am not sure what people said to you or why they tried to frighten you so much against your mummy. You must be really terrified of me, but I think it is a coward’s way of turning you against me. Don’t worry my little girl, I have never ever hurt a hair on your head and never intend to. This is solid proof that people are telling you horrible lies about me.

I was desperate to give you a hug and a kiss but your startled reaction prevented me even touching you. Did you think I was a ghost?  I am so sorry for what they have done to us darling, but this will pass when you are given back. We can go back to how we both were, young, free, happy. A child will never be truly happy without their mummy, but I am here darling, still alive, still strong, still pining for you, finding a way, any way to get our justice. A mother’s love is more powerful than anything.

When I saw you and you started shouting “I want to go to daddy’s house” I was really shocked and it upset me so much that I ended up in hospital that day in London. I am really sorry too that you heard your dad shout “call the police, there is a restraining order on her” to all the people in the station. When a man had the police on the phone I had to walk away. I am sorry I couldnt stay, but the meeting I had in London was very important for us and I would have been kept in a cell if I would have stayed and missed my meeting.

I am sorry that your dad is like this but this will pass. I will explain why he did this when I see you darling. It must have been horrible for you hearing someone shout for the police when your lovely mummy was there. We will make up for this; do not worry angel. The paramedics had to come onto the train in London and they took me to hospital by ambulance, as I had really bad pains in my stomach. The people on the train were really helpful and kind.

The doctor said the pains were caused by my body going into shock at seeing you and your reaction. I can’t tell you how upset I was. Not because of how you reacted to me, but the damage that people have done to you. I will spend all my time healing your little heart baby, when I get you back and I will let no one escape the cruelty done to you by the hyenas that have been entrusted with your care.

I am going after them once you are safe and happy again. The list is a long one. I will not stop until ALL of this story is heard by the people who can change the horror that is given out to mummies and their children.

I was going to London to a meeting about CAFCASS and there were a hundred other people, all there to complain about this truly ghastly organisation. The voice of a child in court? More like, let’s do the total opposite to what the child wants and make the child and the mother’s life a total misery.

You will not believe it, but because I spoke in the Houses of Parliament (the big buildings near Big Ben that I showed you when we were in London), THEY tried to put me in prison AGAIN. Can you believe the total madness that we live in? All because I want you back where you belong. I cannot mention names but I cannot wait to tell you who is doing this to mummy. They are the barrier between us and they receive money by being as cruel and nasty to me and my family. This time will pass and they will eventually apologise. The ship will turn as does the tide. No one can stop this my baby, not even us.

I can’t wait to hear all your stories. We will have so much to talk about. Sapphire will think her mummy and her big sister are so cool at our big adventure. Please be safe, don’t stop wishing. I am here baby, bigger and stronger than anything. I am ready for you, just come into my arms, everything will be fine again.

All my biggest hugs and sloppiest kisses

Your mummy



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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