Why do we need ‘secrecy’ in the interest of the child whose details are put up for adoption?

11 05 21 Daily Mirror AdoptionIan Josephs, a former local councillor who publishes Forced Adoption, has helped oodles of families and gets three calls a day concerning child snatching.

He sent me this ADOPTION page in the Daily Mirror with local  council email-addresses for contact!

Ian is asking “What was that about privacy?” He also writes:

They almost all reveal alleged “abuse or neglect” by parents followed by adoption! It is therefore probably very safe to say “the majority ” were snatched!

I have just seen a list of trade magazines advertising kids for adoption; if you google “uk profile children seeking adoption” you will get a few sites .

Another reason for signing the online petition The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW!


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I'm a mathematician, software designer, system analyst, event organiser, independent web publisher and online promoter of positivity.
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4 Responses to Why do we need ‘secrecy’ in the interest of the child whose details are put up for adoption?

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