The Secrecy of the Family Court should be lifted NOW: Petition on- and off-line

This online petition is taking off like wildfire, especially since it got mentioned on David Icke’s website. Since 2006, he’s published over 80 articles relating to the State Stealing Children.

What a pleasure to see signatures and comments POURING in!!! As soon as there are 200 signatures, I’ll collate the comments and invite people to send them to “everybody who is anybody” in “the system”:

  • the Judiciary
  • the Police
  • Doncaster Council as the one that can be named and shamed since John Hemming MP removed the gag
  • Parliament – as the highest Court of the Land
  • those few journalists who have been publishing articles about this scandal that most people feel ashamed of once they know it’s going on…

Here’s the document that the originator Jane Davies in West Wales designed for collecting signatures in the streets. You are welcome to print it off and take to the streets, offices, churches, etc. yourself.

Campaigning granny Maggie Tuttle wants to get 1.000.000 signatures together!

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician, software designer, system analyst, event organiser, independent web publisher and online promoter of positivity.
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7 Responses to The Secrecy of the Family Court should be lifted NOW: Petition on- and off-line

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  4. Until the network of subversion within the “club” of Common Purpose graduates is exposed & broken, this evil in our society will continue to grow along with breaking down the rest of cultural standards of fairness & justice.

    In 2011 unless you are linked in to the pact of self focused & socially engineered members of society, you have little chance of advancement no matter how high your academic skills are in your chosen profession.

    From Judges to politicians & from senior police officers to council leaders, the same rules apply & their network continues to grow.

  5. albert john jewell says:

    IF you google ” yuri bezmenov” you will get a complete verbal report of the steps designed to cause the legal and social collapse NOW happening to both U.S.A. & G.B. today Victims Unite site allows you to see it is on the INCREASE.Where can be found the honest judges lawyers,authorities and politicians who are more than well paid to maintain the expected laws and moral TONE of this and our once world respected GREAT Britain at present only JOHN HEMMING M.P.stands for US.YES???

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