Parents Against Injustice: over 13,000 cases since 1985

Thanks to the magic of WordPress, I stumbled into this remarkable site of Alison Stevens, the Chairman of an organisation that was originally funded and now continues with volunteers.

Its long list of ‘pages’ in alphabetical order at the beginning includes John Hemming MP brings the sunshine in – a song that he commissioned in 2008. Already then he was criticised by Lord Justice Wall!

The main website is Parents Against Injustice (PAIN) – Providing help and support to families when they need it most.


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to Parents Against Injustice: over 13,000 cases since 1985

  1. ian josephs says:

    Judge Bellamy made several factual errors and omissions and Booker made only one!

    1:-Bellamy criticises Booker for omitting mention of several fractures in his two articles published last year, which mentioned only one.In fact of course even the police were unaware of these fractures as Bellamy admits in his judgement,and only the experts this year brought this news out by their report to the court.At none of the hearings last year were the injuries discussed specifically so Booker would have learned nothing new for his articles if he had attended the courts;At the time he wrote neither he nor the parents could have known about multiple fractures.

    2:-Bellamy admits relying on MY WEBSITE for his evidence and claims that I “sexed up” Bookers article,but this learned judge was too obtuse to notice even now that my site published the information he relied on so heavily two days BEFORE the Booker article appeared in the Sunday Telegraph !So he criticised Booker for my mistake and I can only advise him next time he has a go at a journalist he should read what the journalist has actually written,buy a copy of the newspaper, and look at the date as well !My error omitting the mention of a fraction in what was only a draft after all, was swiftly corrected.

    3:- Bellamy has himself sexed up the “injuries” making them sound horrific almost like a new baby p ! In fact the child never had any operation or other treatment and flourished in Ireland under the care of his Irish mother , Irish grandmother and extended Irish family,until after UK social services indulged in successive court cases that reached the Irish Supeme court (as mentioned but glossed over in the judgement,).UK social workers then retrieved the child from its Irish family at great public expense and brought him back to the care of a UK foster family !(also at public expense).

    4-:- Also mentioned,(but glossed over in the judgement) was the fact that when the injuries were discovered the child was confided to the care of the grandmother with supervised contact alowed to the mother.It was only the grandmother’s wish to retire in Ireland taking the baby with her that aroused such ire in the UK.An Irish lady recently retired as a long standing head teacher from a large school in Scotland is still mystified as to why all this happened as there was NO CARE ORDER in place at the time she left and she reported immediately to Irish social services when she arrived.

    5:-The only error Booker did make was to mistake the identity of one of the many doctors involved in the case;none of whom were named in any case .
    Hardly a significant error compared with those errors and omissions in Bellamy’s judgement!

    6:- Both Christopher Booker and myself campaign not necessarily for the “opening up of the courts” as postulated by Lucy Reed of “pink tape” ,but for the scrapping of the gag that prevents parents who feel aggrieved from protesting or going to the media when their children are taken (rightly or wrongly) from them.Nowhere else in the EU is there such an outrageous gag on the freedom of its citizens to protest if they feel wronged by the State.In this case Bellamy “found” on no evidence as such that the mother was “the perpetrator”and if that is not an accusation of guilt I don’t know what is !Certainly the mother must feel accused and found guilty without a trial!

  2. Many thanks indeed, dear Ian, for your extensive comment!

    Made me add your website under ‘State Kidnapping’.

    I keep pointing out that gagging the press from writing about a footballer or ‘Fred the Shred’is quite different from gagging parents to scream about the violence they have to suffer!

    It’s like hitting children and telling them not to scream. Have all these ‘gaggers’ been brought up like that so that they have to do it to others, one has to wonder!?…

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  4. alisonsgypt says:

    The main PAIN website had nearly 17,000 hits in April.
    What does that say about the child stealing antics of Social Services, and the corrupt secret family courts.

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